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    WIN Marcel’s Pancake Bakery Prize Pack

    The modern world is complicated, but when it comes to simple moments of enjoyment – like eating pancakes – it doesn’t have to be. That’s why Marcel’s makes it easy for you to create a little pocket of pleasure in your day.

    Marcel’s pancakes are deliciously light and fluffy, and taste like they were made just moments ago. Given you only have to heat them quickly in the microwave or frying pan, you’ll never struggle to get the perfect pancake again! Why waste time and make mess with mixing bowls, when with Marcel’s all you have to do is add the finishing flourishes.

    XYNZ Magazine has teamed up with Marcel’s to giveaway 1x bakery prize packs. The pack contains a voucher to buy one of everything in the bakery range, including; Pancakes, Petite Pancakes, Sweet Crepes and Plain Gluten Free Crepes.

    Look out for the bright, new look, Marcel’s range in your supermarket’s bakery section and get ready to enjoy the happiest (and easiest) pancake moment you’ve ever had! Available from leading grocery stores, from RRP $3.29.

    • Open to New Zealand residents only.
    • Competition ends 8th September 2017. The winner will be notified via email provided.
    • Our Competition Terms and Conditions.
    • For questions or more information about this competition, please email us at [email protected]
      If the form is not working (not compatible with some mobile devices, please go to this page CLICK HERE

    Thank you, Marcel, for the giveaway!












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    Win the Ultimator VALERIAN Blockbuster Combo

    The most bacony of burger fixes, Wendy’s new Baconator burger, the Ultimator, comes loaded with bacon jam, baconnaise, bacon ketchup – yep, you read that correctly – four strips of tantalising thick-cut Manuka smoked streaky bacon, natural Colby cheese and two fresh New Zealand beef patties, all on a toasted Kaiser bun.


    While from legendary director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Lucy, The Professional) comes VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS, a visually spectacular new adventure film starring Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne. Rated M Fantasy Violence.

    Coming to cinemas and Wendy’s restaurants nationwide from August 10, here’s your chance to win two Ultimator combos and an in-season double pass to VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS, value $69. Rated M: Fantasy Violence

    To win all you have to do is sign-up to our newsletter below:

    • Open to New Zealand residents only.
    • Competition ends 10th August. The winner will be notified via email provided.
    • Our Competition Terms and Conditions.
    • For questions or more information about this competition, please email us at [email protected]
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    What is Hodor up to?

    Q&A with Kristian – Nairn Kristian Nairn is a Northern Irish actor and DJ. He is best known for his portrayal of Hodor in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

    What do you expect for the next season of Game of Thrones?

    You  mean you’ve already recovered from the tragic ending of my character in season 6?  You’ve already moved on?! How DARE you.  Honestly though, I have no idea what’s to come next.   Now that we’ve seen Khaleesi sailing towards Westeros, I think it’s safe to say we’re headed towards a climax in the plot.  So, a lot of excitement in the storyline to be revealed soon.  Since I haven’t seen it myself, All I can say is there’s an amazing team of talented, creative people who have yet to fail us with an amazing, gripping, endlessly entertaining storyline.  I’m excited myself for what’s to come in Season 7!  July 16th is just around the corner, just hold…your horses.

    How did you react when you found out Hodor’s tragic fate in season 6?

    Truth be told, I cried.  I totally appreciate the epic momentum that was created by Hodor’s death and I was actually satisfied to see how his character played out.  It was a bittersweet moment though, since I realized my involvement in the show was coming to a close.


    Any chance Hodor’s character will come back as a white walker?

    There’s nothing I would love more than for that to happen!  To be honest, though, it seems like a long shot at this point.  One good thing about his tragic death is that now I can watch the series myself and enjoy it like everyone else, without the stressful anticipation of knowing what might happen to my character, Hodor.


    Tell us about your last day on the Game of Thrones set.  What was it like?

    I remember it really clearly because it fell very close to my birthday.  It was tough both physically and emotionally.  I mean, physically, I was holding a door with 100 MPH winds blowing into my face, while pushing against a door with something like 8 other people on the other side.  Emotionally though it was especially tough, since I had grown quite close to the small group of cast members over the course of my time working on Game of Thrones.  I’ve never been good at “goodbye”s.



    What made you agree to do the SodaStream video?

    I’ve been using SodaStream myself ever since I was a kid, and I love the brand.  I was instantly drawn to this opportunity to work with SodaStream because of this campaign’s strong environmental message.  I mean, the message of this video is so true: plastic bottles make no sense!  I consider myself environmentally conscious, and I of course, try to do my best to be as earth friendly as possible, so this concept really resounded with me.  On top of that, I think SodaStream’s script offers a clever and creative delivery of this message, by portraying an idealistic future where plastic bottles are truly an obsolete thing of the past.  In this video, my character plays the “alpha male” of this fictional, last-living species of plastic-obsessed “Homoschlepiens,” who eventually became extinct due to their single-use plastic bottle polluting habits.  I honestly had a blast playing this role, and working with Mayim Bialik, and I think it shows in this video.


    You were recently in the KFC video, now the SodaStream video – it seems you’ve been involved in a lot of advertisements recently.  Can we jump to the conclusion that your favorite meal is chicken, rice accompanied by a fresh glass of SodaStream sparkling water?

    You’re right, and it’s really just a strange coincidence.  I hadn’t done any advertisements previously, but when SodaStream came to me with this proposal, I simply couldn’t turn it down.  It’s fun to be a part of a clever advertisement, especially when you can connect with the message.  I felt proud to be part of KFC’s campaign which offers their prime consumers a healthier alternative.  On the same token, SodaStream is really offering a revolutionary alternative for consumers; one that empowers them to take their health & wellness into their own hands, in a fun and convenient way.

    Do you own a SodaStream machine?

    Oh yeah, I’m a huge sparkling water fan.  How could I not own one?  Look, the bottled water industry is massive in Northern Ireland, where I grew up.  For most of my life, I didn’t even consider another option for drinking sparkling water, since I’d been surrounded by water bottles my whole life.  That’s why when I learned of the SodaStream sparkling water maker, I was eager to get one myself.  Even for a big guy like myself, it’s quite annoying to be lugging around bottles of sparkling water from the store.   It’s just so much more convenient to be able to make your own sparkling water at home.


    How was it to work with Mayim Bialik on the SodaStream Homoschlepiens set?

    Prior to actually meeting Mayim, I’d heard so many times how lovely she is.  I was really happy to learn that her reputation is completely accurate – she’s an amazing and talented actress with a really lovely personality.  We had a lot of funny moments on set, making this SodaStream video happen.


    In the SodaStream commercial we see the impact of the plastic bottle pollution on the environment, how do you try to reduce your own carbon footprint?

    I’ve always been environmentally conscious and I love to think that this campaign might help raise environmental awareness and reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles.  I’m a natural born nature and animal lover – I have three dogs at home.  One of my favorite things to do is just to go for walks in the wild outdoors with my dogs.  A big part of being an animal lover means loving our natural surroundings, and being kind to the planet.  Not just for ourselves, but for our future generations.  I’m happy to get onboard with any product which instills strong environmental messages.


    SodaStream has a tendency to choose big characters (both in size and heart) to play lead roles in their recent videos.  Did anybody tell you why?

    That’s a good point.  To be honest, I’ve never met Thor Bjornnson, even though I love his character in Game of Thrones.  I think SodaStream is pretty intentional in choosing memorable characters like Thor and myself in order to hopefully point out obvious but somehow overlooked key messages – enough is enough.  Plastic bottles make no sense, and I hope one day both Thor and myself will be remembered in propagating this environmental message.


    What is next for you personally?

    I think I’ll put more focus on my DJ career, writing music and continuing touring with Rave of Thrones.  I was a resident DJ in Belfast prior to working on Game of Thrones, but being a well-known cast-member of Game of Thrones has really enabled me to play at bigger venues and reach more ears with my music.  I’m happy to be gaining more recognition as a great DJ, and it’s something I hope to continue building in the future.



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    Win a Karen Murrell Princesses of the Golden Petals Lipstick Set

    Queen of natural lip colours, Karen Murrell, has launched a new collection of lipsticks ‘Princesses of the Golden Petals’ that celebrates the contemporary princess. These lipsticks are the ultimate in luxury: rich, creamy and opulent with a number of delightful details that will amaze Karen Murrell aficionados and newbies alike. The range includes three new velvety colours: a rich red, Fiery Ruby, deep berry, Bordeaux Rouge and a dusky pink, Blushing Rose, plus two new luxurious metallics make up the collection: copper, Haute Bohème and gold, Crown Jewel. Each lipstick is designed right here in New Zealand with love, thoughtfulness, and care and enriched with the finest natural ingredients including avocado oil, evening primrose oil, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange. Free from Coal Tar, Carmine, Mineral Oils, Triclosan, BBP’s and Parabens!

    Win a Karen Murrell Princesses of the Golden Petals limited edition lipstick set worth $160. Sign up to our newsletter below to be in to win:

    Click here if the form doesn’t work


    For more info:
    Instagram – @karenmurrellnz #karenmurrell #kissedbynaturalbeauty #KMPrincesses
    Facebook – www.facebook.com/karenmurrell
    Website – www.karenmurrell.com


    Thank you, Karen Murrell, for the giveaway.

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    The Chainsmokers Australia and New Zealand Tour

    Grammy Award-winning and multi platinum selling global sensation The Chainsmokers is coming to Australian and New Zealand for the “Memories… Do Not Open” World Tour. After a massive US tour and sell-out shows around the globe, they finally reach New Zealand, bringing their huge sound and spectacular show to Auckland’s Spark Arena on Tuesday, October 24 for one night only.

    With a massive all ages show in store, The Chainsmokers are bringing the party to NZ fans this spring.

    Where: Spark Arena, Auckland
    When: Tuesday October 24

    Tickets for all shows – including Dressing Room Meet & Greet and Soundcheck Experiences: 12pm August 4
    Spark pre-sale: 12pm July 31 until 12pm August 2
    My Live Nation pre-sale: 2pm August 2 until 5pm August 3

    For complete tour and ticket information, go to:
    visit: www.thechainsmokers.com & www.livenation.co.nz

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    Stylish Sofas Under $1000

    Whether you’re getting your own apartment or updating your flat, a reliable sofa is a must. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a brand new stylish piece. We have gathered the best and the most affordable stylish sofas that would definitely wow your guests.


    1.Freedom Furniture Pierce Sofa 3 Seat $699 (Cheapest 3-seater)



    2. Freedom Furniture Emporium Sofa 2 Seat $849



    3. Freedom Furniture Zetland Sofa 3 Seat $899



    4. The Warehouse Living & Co. Talia 2 Seat  $250 (Cheapest)



    5. Freedom Furniture Cleo Sofabed $599


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    Meet your new favourite NZ artist Ciaran McMeeken

    Ciaran McMeeken is a singer-songwriter who has released two incredible EPs and is now set to release his self titled debut album out August 4th. He worked with his long term collaborator and internationally acclaimed producer Greg Haver to create his first full length album, which includes the current single That Feeling co-written at SongHubs 2016 with pop songwriting superstar MoZella who has worked with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Charlie Puth, and One Direction.

    He is celebrating the release of his album with a 4 centre tour, August 4-10 so we have a double pass to giveaway to a lucky XYNZ reader.

    Tour Dates

    Dunedin: Aug 4 at The Savoy – Buy Tickets
    Queenstown: Aug 5 at Sherwood – Buy Tickets
    Wellington: Aug 6 at Meow – Buy Tickets
    Auckland: Aug 10 at The Tuning Fork – Buy Tickets


    Be in to win a double pass to the Auckland show + signed CD. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter below:

    If the form does not work, click here.


    Look out for our interview with Ciaran on 7th August.


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    WIN 1 of 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 DVDs

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2Release Date: August 23 (Blu-Ray & DVD)

    Release Date: August 23 (Blu-Ray & DVD)

    Set to the backdrop of ‘Awesome Mixtape #2,’ Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team’s adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos.

    The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill’s true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favourite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes’ aid as the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand.

    Win 1 of 2 DVDs for your family or flat. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter:

    If the form does not work below, click here.


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    The Effect at Q Theatre (1-12 Aug)

    Benjamin Henson Helms the NZ premiere of love story described as Romeo and Juliet on MDMA

    The NZ premiere of the brilliant new work from Fractious Tash, The Effect, is heading to Q Theatre 1 -12 August as part of Q’s 2017 MATCHBOX Season. Director Benjamin Henson has combined his off-kilter vision and an unstoppable cast for the NZ premiere of the Lucy Prebble’s brilliant work, bringing to life the love story set amidst a clinical drug trial.

    The Effect won the Critic’s Circle Best Play Award in London before transferring to Broadway, and this show is really something special – playwright Lucy Prebble is a bit of a phenomenon, having written the celebrated play ENRON and the racy hit TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl which starred Billie Piper prior to writing The Effect, which also starred Piper in the first London run of the play.

    Taking the stage in this intimate four-hander are an experienced cast of Will Wallace (Step Dave, Harry), Jessie Lawrence (Why Does Love, Summer Shakespeare’s As You Like It), Sheena Irving (Man of Mode at National Theatre, London, Dear Murderer), and Daniel Watterson (Dirty Laundry, Pop-Up Globe’s Olivia in Twelfth Night). Henson brings his tried and tested provocative flair to the work, pushing the traditional theatrical boundaries to the absolute limit, with unforgettable results, by teaming up with Movement Director Lara Liew (Dynamotion, Wet Hot Beauties). Lauded as “a fantastic spectacle director” by Theatrescenes, Henson’s cutting-edge approach and the boisterous innovative style of the company lend itself perfectly to the visionary work of Prebble.

    Student Price
    – Preview evening Tuesday 1st August – just $15 tickets (standard price $35)

    The Effect plays:

    Tues 1st – Sat 12th August, Q Theatre Loft, Auckland CBD, at 7pm
    Tickets from Q Theatre. For bookings visit www.qtheatre.co.nz or phone 09 309 977

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    Jamie McDell is the New NZ BONDS Ambassador

    We caught up with one of our favourite gals, Jamie McDell, about her latest projects. The award-winning singer/songwriter/conservationist Jamie McDell is also the NZ Bonds ambassador.

    Aside from being busy making beautiful music, Jamie has also helped raise awareness of many causes. She even once built a raft made of upcycled materials and paddled along South Island’s Abel Tasman coastline for three days. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any cooler.


    What projects are you currently working?

    Most recently my sister and I have released our first track from a body of work we’ve been working on under the name Dunes. It’s a real collaboration of both our writing styles and musical tastes. I’ve also finished writing my third solo album and planning to record it in Nashville in September. Outside of music, I’m basically making sure I get out surfing when I can and looking at some cool ways to reduce single-use plastic pollution.


    Tell us more about the new BONDS Mash Up range.

    MASH UP showcases the new Bonds Hipster range of underwear and soft crops. Speaking to young Kiwi women, the collection champions individuality, self-confidence, and originality through celebrating the freedom to mash, mix and clash different patterns together so that I can put together unique looks every time

    What are your favourite matches?

    I love mixing simple with colourful so either plane on the top and vibrant on the bottom or the other way round.


    Who are your favourite local Instagrammers?

    Some ladies I really enjoy following on Instagram for their confidence and perspective are @anna_willcox, @makaiacarr, and @ellaoliviawilliams


    To celebrate the launch, BONDS teamed up with Snapchat and created a series of bespoke filters with each lens featuring a unique pattern from the collection. These filters will be available nationwide on the 27th July, exclusively on the social platform. Filters include floral and tropical designs that users can overlay onto their faces, allowing users to interact with the collection in their own individual way.

    The Bonds Hipster MASH UP range is available from 24th July in select Farmers stores nationwide. The collection gives young Kiwi girls the freedom to mix and mash different patterns and textures together, to create their own look.

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    3 Reasons Why Young Kiwis Should Consider Health Insurance

    Planning and looking after your health is important. But planning for the future does not only include going to the gym or eating healthy and there are other things that you need to consider. That is why we think you should start thinking about getting health insurance.

    You might think that we’re crazy for even mentioning ‘health insurance’ especially as we are privileged to have an envious health care system in this country. But there are other important factors that you should think of. You may think a certain way about getting a health insurance policy right now, but hear us out first. Here are just some reasons why you should consider getting health insurance:

    So here are our three  reasons to help you in deciding:

    1. Avoid the waitlist

    Our country has an extensive system of public hospitals that are free of charge. However, current waiting times in the public healthcare system could mean a delay in getting a condition treated. Because of this, health insurance is something to consider if you want to avoid public healthcare waiting lists.

    2. Surgeries and treatments for us 20 or 30-somethings

    Health insurance provides cover for the cost of private surgical and medical care. This reduces the likelihood of needing to use your savings or take out a loan to cover the expense of treatments or operations.

    3. Get covered

    There are some treatments that public health care does not cover, which the right health policy can. This includes visiting your dentist or GP, getting prescription glasses, specialist consultations, diagnostics, major dental treatment and more.

    These are just three reasons why we think you should start thinking about getting health insurance. It is wise to start asking questions and doing more research about health insurance and what policy suits you. The more informed you are, the easier it is to make a decision.

    Ready to learn more about health insurance? We understand that getting health insurance can be a scary process to go through but it it is also important to get it right. That is why we think you should start looking at nib as they have the right health insurance to fit whatever stage of life you’re at. To get started, visit https://www.nib.co.nz for more information.

    This post is sponsored by nib.


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    7 Glam-azing Items from the New MECCA MAX Range

    Beauty junkies get excited! MECCA’s signature brand of makeup MECCA MAX is launching on August 1st. From beauty prep to palettes, to lash-intensifying mascaras to the most mirror ball effect lip glitters we are loving MECCA MAX. The luxurious packaging on a student-friendly price.

    Here are our must-have products from the range:

    1.MECCA MAX Bring on Bright Illuminating Primer NZD$22.00

    Glow-injecting primer to ace your base.


    2. MECCA MAX Blur Veil NZD$28.00

    Wet and dry powder foundation for a luminous blemish-free finish.


    3. MECCA MAX Sunlit Skin Bronzer NZD$24.00

    Achieve silky glowing skin with a light reflecting bronzer.


    4. MECCA MAX Chic Cheek Blush NZD$24.00

    Easy to blend colour popping blush.


    5. MECCA MAX Wink Ink Liquid Eyeliner NZD$22.00

    A double-ended liquid eyeliner that gives you both thick and thin applicator to create your signature look.


    6. MECCA MAX Eyephoria Vivid Impact Palette NZD$50.00

    Eyeshadow edit that has everything you need to create statement-making eye looks.


    8. MECCA MAX Pout Pop Lipstick NZD$22.00

    Creamy lipstick with sheer, matte, and hi-def opaque finishes.

    For more information, head over to www.meccabeauty.co.nz

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    Your Guide to Auckland’s Restaurant Month 2017

    Restaurant Month returns to Auckland’s central city this August offering over 25 exciting new events and 100 special menus at three special price points: $25, $40 and $55+. Some of the city’s newest restaurants will be getting on board, providing a great excuse to tick these new openings off your ‘must visit’ list.

    Whether you are keen to try something new, experience the international flavours and expertise of visiting chefs, or just make the most of a great offer from your favourite restaurant – there is something to suit all tastes and occasions.

    The Chef Dining Series

    The Chef Dining Series returns each Wednesday of the month with international chefs – hailing from Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Malaysia and Queensland teaming up with some well-known local talent, to deliver a unique dining experience.

    a. A Taste of Animal (Los Angeles) at Soul Bar & Bistro
    Broaden your culinary horizons with ‘meat-centric dude food’ brought to you by the chefs behind LA restaurant Animal. Animal is a hip, innovative and iconic meat-centric LA restaurant led by Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. For one night, only you can join Gavin Doyle and the boys from Animal to experience dude food at its best. Find out more here.


    b. A Taste of Māori Fine Dining at The Sugar Club

    Celebrate the best of Maori fine dining at the top of the Sky Tower.
    A unique event celebrating our Māori cuisine scene awaits. Monique Fiso and Morgan McGlone join forces with The Sugar Club’s Neil Brazier to take true New Zealand flavours to the greatest heights. Find out more here.


    c. A Taste of Tippling Club (Singapore) at O’Connell St Bistro
    Experience the skill and mastery of Tippling Club, one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants. Head Chef Mark Southon reunites with his former colleague and mentor Ryan Clift to bring his innovative cuisine from Singapore’s Tippling Club to Auckland. Find out more here.


    d. A Taste of Paper Daisy (Queensland) at Euro
    Revel in our local produce with a dinner full of wild and foraged ingredients with Ben Devlin from Queensland’s Paper Daisy, alongside Euro’s Gareth Stewart. Prepare for a night of local and wild produce carefully sourced by Queensland Chef Ben Devlin, of Sydney Morning Herald Regional Restaurant of the Year 2017 and Euro’s Executive Chef Gareth Stewart. Find out more here.


    e. A Taste of Great China at Huami
    Enjoy a taste of China from the latest addition to the Federal Street precinct. Renowned Kiwi chef Nic Watt of MASU and Huami Executive Chef Jeff Tan collaborate to present a five-course Asian celebration, bringing together cuisine from the regions of Canton, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Beijing. Find out more here.


    Something Different at Restaurant Month:

    a. Food to Die For at Pilkingtons
    For those who like to opt for something a little bit different, there is an appetizing line-up of new events this year. Put your detective skills to the test at Food to Die For at Pilkingtons. Theatre and intrigue meet creative cuisine when Executive Chef Des Harris (ex Clooney) creates a dinner to die for. Take part in this night of fun and food with this unique event, carefully premeditated just for Restaurant Month. Find out more here.


    b. Truffle Shuffle at The Grill by Sean Connolly
    Celebrate the truffle season at The Grill by Sean Connolly. This Restaurant Month we celebrate the truffle season by creating a truffle infused feast with a well-known Auckland chef, with a well-honed love of the earthern explosion. Find out more here.


    c. Wholly Brekkie at Giraffe
    Enjoy a raw wholefood degustation breakfast at Giraffe with Megan May and Simon Gault. For two days, Megan May of Little Bird Organics will collaborate with the team at Simon Gault’s newly opened Giraffe, to present a delicious, raw, wholefood degustation breakfast showcasing breakfast as truly the most important meal of the day. Find out more here.

    Love Street Food? Don’t miss Street Eats with Holden Spark

    Street Eats, another annual Restaurant Month favourite and one of the biggest and busiest on the calendar, offering something for everyone, with central city restaurants, food trucks and pop-up stalls, serving up a myriad of international styles and flavours in the big shed on Queen’s Wharf.

    Restaurant teams across the city come together in Shed 10 on Queens Wharf to serve up a myriad of different international styles and flavours, with their take on the hottest global street food. This year’s event also features a live Street Art installation, urban beats and dance to compliment the flavours and aromas found on the streets around the world. Find out more here.


    What events are you looking forward to? Have you been to previous Restaurant Months? Share your stories/recommendations below.

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    Albion Place ‘Easier Tour’

    In celebration of their brand new single Easier, Dunedin-based rockers Albion Place are hitting the road with a four date tour around the country.

    Kicking off with a home-town show in July, the four-piece will head to Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch in August. Gritty and honest, Albion Place have earned themselves quite a reputation as a live act, playing to sold out rooms over the last few months around the South Island.

    Friends since their school days and named for the street they used to busk on, Albion Place have firmly established themselves as the soundtrack to the infamous Otago student lifestyle. Familiar faces on the live music scene in Dunedin, the band ventured out on their first national tour earlier in the year, playing shows in Queenstown, Wanaka, Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland, and Waihi Beach, and the quartet are itching to get back on stage this winter.

    To date, the band have two EPs under their belt – their debut release Here We Go featuring the smash single I Will Not Forget which has racked up over 650,000 plays on Spotify, and 2016’s self-titled effort which was produced with the aid of Sydney based artist/producer Lyall Moloney. The brand new tune Easier is the lead track off Albion Place’s upcoming full length album, due out later in 2017 and signalling a shift in the sound of these local talents.

    Tickets to the shows are on sale now, available through Eventfinda. Playing with local openers in each town, don’t miss your chance to catch Albion Place live and in the flesh.

    Albion Place – Easier Tour

    Tuesday 11 Dunedin The Cook Buy Tickets

    Friday 11 Wellington Meow Buy Tickets
    Friday 18 Auckland REC Buy Tickets
    Saturday 19 Christchurch Blue Smoke Buy Tickets

    Albion Place are: Micah Davis-Rae (Vocals, guitar); Tom Kelk (Bass); Hugh Fulton (Keyboards, vocals); Jack Ferguson (Drums)

    Press Release

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