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8 Most Popular Kiwi Instagram Accounts

[tps_title] 4. Shannon Harris (shaaanxo)[/tps_title]

Followers: 321,391

The most popular Kiwi Youtube beauty guru , Shannon did not only earn popularity on the video sharing site but has also garnered a massive fanbase on Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for some beauty inspiration, her account is definitely a must-follow.


  • Pagan Marie

    Check out Waverider_ 🙂 & davidgrr & colour_me_creative

    • Angela

      davidgrr’s account is one of my faves. Beautiful snaps!

  • Angela

    davidgrr but doubt he has that much followers yet. So people FOLLOW HIM!

  • alex phillips

    David Grr is also a pedophile. He went to court and stuff for it. Idiot should be in jail.

    • Angela

      oh! didnt hear about that. Really what a scandal

      • alex phillips

        yeah it was in the news a while ago, and on the police website. it is disgusting, he tried to ‘get’ with younger kids aged like 14-18 and he’s like 25+ there’s so many bad things he’s done that you cant imagine.