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8 Most Popular Kiwi Instagram Accounts

[tps_title]2. Liam Martin (waverider_)[/tps_title]

Followers: 1,271,705

Almost forgot about Liam! His Instagram account is definitely one of the funniest on the internet. He struck stardom by posting his take on some of the celebrity photos floating around. We bet his version is better than the original.


  • Pagan Marie

    Check out Waverider_ 🙂 & davidgrr & colour_me_creative

    • Angela

      davidgrr’s account is one of my faves. Beautiful snaps!

  • Angela

    davidgrr but doubt he has that much followers yet. So people FOLLOW HIM!

  • alex phillips

    David Grr is also a pedophile. He went to court and stuff for it. Idiot should be in jail.

    • Angela

      oh! didnt hear about that. Really what a scandal

      • alex phillips

        yeah it was in the news a while ago, and on the police website. it is disgusting, he tried to ‘get’ with younger kids aged like 14-18 and he’s like 25+ there’s so many bad things he’s done that you cant imagine.