7 Local Facebook ‘Walk in Wardrobe’ Groups

[tps_header]If you haven’t heard of a ‘Walk in Wardrobe’ group, then you are missing out. There are popular Facebook Groups that is dedicated to buying, selling, renting or swapping second hand items. Most of these people are sick of the old eBay or Trade Me sales and have moved to creating a Facebook Group for their buy and sell needs, sans fees or strict rules. Although the promise of a convenient online market is quite tempting, we highly advise that you take extra caution.

We have gathered some of our favourite Facebook Groups that are solely fashion focused. XYNZ and yours truly are not associated or endorse these groups. So please be cautious when making any deals online.

If we missed out on some cool ones or want to share your favourite groups, please post a comment below so we can all check it out.[/tps_header]



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Written by Catherine Downes

Freelance Writer and photographer from Auckland.


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