4 Tips to #RevitaliseYourLife

Why is it that we feel more stressed lately? Is it the ‘I-can-do-everything’ thinking putting our welfare on a downturn? At the end of the day, as much as we are inspired to do anything and everything our body cannot keep up. We feel and look five years older – yikes!

So it is time, not to stop or slow down, but to work wiser and take care of our body and mind. This month, I challenge you to start changing a few things in your daily routine, and I guarantee you will feel a lot better within a few days.

I have rounded up four easy and tested ways to assist you in your busy days.

1. Wake up an hour early

I know. I know. Waking up early is quite difficult. I am not a morning person myself. But I find that waking up an hour earlier than usual gives me that extra time to relax and not worry about anything. Spend your extra hour reading/listening to a book or just sit down and relax. It will help your mind get ready for another full-on day.


2. Exercise in the morning

Spare a quick 15-minutes in the morning and do some stretching, quick Zumba or jogging to get your day started. I promise you, you will feel so super charged that a coffee will no longer be needed.

3. Drink enough water

Some say 12 or five glasses of water, but most of the doctors highly recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day. The other day I counted the number of glasses I had and was shocked to find out I only drink four. On the same day I felt sluggish and irritated. The next day, I made sure I drank eight glasses and felt better. Take note, nothing drastic changed. Same workload and schedule but with more glasses of water I felt better inside (fewer headaches too).

I would recommend scheduling reminders on your phone or downloading a mobile app to remind and help you count your water consumption. And oh, if you go out often, do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you.


4. Moisturize your skin

I wear make-up around 14 hours (almost) every day, so that is just too much stress on my skin. In addition to snacking on more fruits and vegetables, I switched to Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme moisturizing creme. I feel that my old moisturizer is not enough. I can see and feel that my skin is as stressed as I am.

Use Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme in the morning after washing your face and before bedtime. Within a few days, you will see and feel the difference. And since using Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme, I noticed that my skin is softer and looked healthier. Read my complete review here.


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Written by Alliv Samson

Founder and Publisher of XYNZ Magazine. Alliv is also the co-founder and COO of Kami ( @allivsamson

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