How to Dress Up at The Races #2: Headwear & Hair

Hats & headpieces are an iconic part of Race Day fashion, and goes hand in hand with your hairstyle of choice. It’s not every day that we get to adorn ourselves with beautiful headwear, and they can really add that something extra special to your Race Day outfit. Natalie Chan, designer and owner of Natalie Chan boutique, gives us some handy tips for finding your perfect piece.


If this is your first time going to the Races and the thought of wearing a huge, intricate fascinator is a little intimidating, just start out with something smaller and buildable. Head pieces can often be quite the investment, so there’s no need to immediately commit to something extravagant. Pick out a smaller piece that you like, and you can always build it bigger later when you’re feeling a bit more daring.


In saying that, a big trend at the moment are large wide brims, or head pieces that are structurally big. Florals will always be a popular choice, and a teardrop shape is a beautiful asymmetric style. But if you feel like mixing it up a bit, have some fun with different embellishments such as butterflies, or try more abstract structural shapes. However, always keep in mind that your headwear should complement your dress, not compete with it. If you dress is very detailed, pick something more modern contemporary and simple, such as a wide brim without too much embellishment. And if you do want to go all out on the headwear, trim down on the dress and stick to a sleeker, slim-line piece. And remember, no flower garlands please- this is not a music festival.


What hairstyle you go for will all depend on what kind of headwear you pick. For hats, a pretty pulled-back bun is a timeless and easy option. If you feel like wearing your hair out, try a tousled look on the same side as your headpiece to keep everything flowing together nicely. Plaits or quiffs can also be really fun, but only if your headwear allows for it – there’s no point in spending hours on an intricate plaited hairstyle only to cover it all up. Don’t forget that cleverly placed hair can be a great way to hide any headpiece combs or bands.

We’re almost done with our look! For the final finishing touches, check back next week on how to tackle Race Day make-up and accessories.

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Written by Helena Chen

XYNZ Beauty Co-ordinator. Food lover, style junkie & blogger at

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