DIY: Terrarium

Don’t you want in a mini garden in a jar?

Terrariums are popping everywhere and we love them, so Pia decided to flex my gardening muscles and build my own terrarium.  We recommend doing this outdoors- it gets messy.

You will need:

  • Cute plants
  • Dirt
  • Rocks/shells
  • Activated Carbon (can be bought at your local plant shop)



Step One: Drainage

At the bottom of your chosen vehicle, you want to put some rocks, shells or other roughage so your plants don’t drown. I used shells in mine, keeping things black and white. You want your layer of rocks/shells to be about 4cm deep.



Step Two: Activated Carbon

Activated carbon helps create your plant home healthy. Though it isn’t a necessity, it will keep out bacteria, fungi and weird smells. Add roughly 2cm and be careful, this is charcoal and it gets messy.



Step Three: Dirt

Ask at the plant store which soil is most appropriate for your plants, if you are using cacti or succulents you may want to invest in special soil to help them flourish. Fill the Terrarium as much as you want with the dirt, going to the widest point is good because you can get maximum plantation.



Step Four: Plants

Planting is hard. I’m not a gardener by any means and needed a lot of help with this. Crumble the dirt off the roots of your plants and carefully bury them so they stand upright.



Step Five: Ornamentation

One of my friends recommended putting dinosaurs in, but I like to keep things minimal and settled for white pebbles. Go crazy, be as colourful or as minimal as you like.


And there you have it, a beautiful little plant world for your home.

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Written by Pia Crawford

Pia is passionate, kind and a tiny bit alternative. Following a vegan straight edge lifestyle she takes fashion head on, with a little bit of noise.


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