TBT: Queens of the Power Shoulder

Is there anything that shows off a figure better then a pair of shoulder pads? This week, we look to yesteryear for a wee bit of wardrobe inspiration. These are our Queens of the Power Shoulder.

Oprah Winfrey

Not only was she the first African American talk show host to rule the world, she was also the first person to do it in this full bodied sequinned pant suit. While the shoulders are photographic proof of a moment some might wish to forget, the yellow stripe adds a bit of fun to this glamorous yet extremely powerful ensemble.



If there is one thing we can applaud Madonna for it is giving everything a go! While this outfit has to be one of her more successful looks, she has made a few seriously bad calls as of late that overshadow the style icon she once was. Did anyone else see her Rebel Heart dress at the Met Gala? Yeah.


Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones could run the world with her eyes closed in this outfit. One to never go for a more subtle look, Samantha totally nails and fails in this outfit. Personally, I love her bold ensemble decisions, and pray to God we see this in the new Sex and the City movie! #OMG











Princess Diana

In her most famous interview Diana discussed her pair of shoulder pads saying “there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”.








Willow Smith

In a recent photo shoot Willow Smith absolutely nailed a Grace Jones look and bought shoulder pads into 2015. Right on Willow! Fresh to death!

tumblr_nhx0taxj3r1qa4iv8o1_500 copy

Dolly Parton

I would dedicate my life work to Dolly Parton given the chance. What a wonder. These shoulder pads rival scaffolding!



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Written by James Knapp

Feature writer at XYNZ Magazine. James is a design and media graduate from VUW with great taste.
Instagram @jamesalexanderknapp


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