Winter is Here, Boys. Got Your Coats, Yet?

Yes, whether (weather) you like it or not, winter is settling in and it’s that time of year again. Let’s wrap ourselves up and prepare for the storm. Keep it stylish but yet simple. Yes simple guys, and by simple I mean one colour and nothing to extravagant. Don’t risk looking cheap and instead investing in a few coats that’ll have you sorted with the winter blues kick in. It’s all about layering and that’s the key. A coat should match your body type and personality too. Always remember that.


My all time favourite style is still going strong this season. The long and oversized look is perfect for all winter needs; allowing space to also start that layering factor.


A massive 2015 winter trend. Traditionally identified by its waist length style – this timeless quality makes the bomber well worth investing in for every male. 


Unless your Kanye West, then don’t even bother. You need A LOT of swag to pull off a fur number. Just kidding guys, however they are a huge fashion statement. Fur coats are just like trying on shoes. If it feels good and looks good then it’s the one, who cares what others think. Own it, and show others you have it sorted. Just make sure you get a second opinion, as we don’t want you looking like the male version of Cruella de Vil.


When it comes to winter, an accessory to match the look is always essential. This could be a scarf, pair of gloves or even a funky beanie. What better way than to walk the streets feeling comfortable, warm; and looking bloody good in it too. Winning I say.


Images: Le21ème

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