The Pants that Changed A Nation (But Not Really)

Source: Barkers

The 90s was a weird time for New Zealand fashion; there were those weird butterfly hair clip things, dirty dog sunglasses, centre-part bowl cuts and sweater vests. Fortunately for us, most of these died out somewhere in the 2000’s. Admittedly though, there was some pretty rad stuff too, one of these being the Barkers trackpants.

These puppies made their debut in 1992 and over the course of the next few years sold over 50,000 units until they were phased out shortly after. Back then every man and his dog was rocking around in them, they put the style x comfort combo on a level you never even knew existed.

Source: Barkers
Source: Barkers

Coming in various washed out shades of grey, rust, moss green and mauve (many of which we can’t purchase today… hint, hint Barkers), not once was it ever questioned as to whether they were ‘all good’ to wear to the supermarket. Also never worn with Ugg boots (a combination that would do an obvious disservice to the pants), hopefully you know that didn’t need saying though.

Barkes trackies 1
Source: Barkers

Thanks to Barkers 40th birthday in 2012, the pants were reborn and for 90 glorious dollars all that awesome could be yours today. 

Look at it as an investment into your future, the Barkers Trackie isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Grab yours here.

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Written by Mitchell Powell

Mitchell Powell is a BSc and BCom student at the University of Auckland. He's also a Regional Lifeguard at Surf Lifesaving New Zealand.


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