7 Best Celeb Beauty Transformations

We all know that feeling of looking back through old photos, and wondering what the hell we were thinking. Yep, we’re talking to you blue eye shadow and side fringe. Just like us, these celebs have gone through the same thing, the only difference being they’re beauty changes are much better documented. Let’s take a look back and see how far they’ve come!


emma stone

Infamous for her fiery locks, Emma is actually a natural blonde! But those ombre roots really weren’t doing much for her at all, and I think we can all agree that red is definitely her colour. Teamed with a red lippy as well, she is killing it.




I’m not sure how many hearts were broken when this Disney star chopped off those long brown locks, but I’m sure they’re all mended now that they’ve seen how Miley can seriously rock her short hair. Always looking fierce and youthful, we love this look on you Miley, no matter how much people think you resemble a Harry Potter villain.




She currently has the world at her feet, but T-Swift wasn’t always the stylish star that she is now. Those wild curls from her ‘Love Story’ days were cute I suppose, but I think we all much prefer the fresh-faced Taylor of 2015 who pulls of the lob like no other. Not to mention that classic red lip thing that we all ADORE.




Going from dull to Dior goddess, we love Jennifer Lawrence’s new glam look, featuring a shorter ‘do as well. And with the latest news that she is now also the face of the Dior Addict make-up line, we can’t wait to see what this natural beauty has in store for us.




This pop singer’s adventures with rainbow hair colours match perfectly her bubbly persona and up beat hits. Katy is looking a little more mature and a lot less trashy these days, but the one thing that remains unchanged are those big bright eyes and sky high lashes.




Oh Kim K, what a long way you’ve come since your Paris Hilton PA days when you didn’t know how to contour. Now the undoubted queen of the technique, we salute your classy rise to make-up stardom.




We all envied her growing up because she was the coolest witch on the block, but now, we envy her because she is the classiest, smartest AND hottest thing in Hollywood. Is it even fair that she can be all three? Having grown out her extreme post-Hermione hair cut, she is looking set to take over the world.

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