KFit The Gym App You’ve All Been Waiting For


A classic trait of most millennials today is the inability to commit. We like casual attire, casual sex and casual Fridays: and our fitness regime is no exception. We love Barrefit one day, then the next, we’re all about hot yoga. Being exclusive to anything or anything is increasingly a thing of the past, so a one-way gym membership rarely works (ref: our constant love-handle shaped battle with working out). KFit gets us, and they get that.

The one stop app, available on Android and iPhone, which makes a varied fitness regime a seamless experience. For a modest monthly fee, KFit allows you to find, book and rate classes. Anything from Yoga, to pole dance, kickboxing to cross fit, this is the answer to the overpriced gym membership. Keep your relationship with exercise spicy and avoid falling off the workout wagon due to boredom – the ultimate in providing choice and convenience.

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Stay tuned for our exclusive sign ups through XYNZ, coming soon to eliminate all your gym-going excuses.

You’re welcome.