14 Things You Learn When You Move Out Of Home (NZ Edition)


1. Sometimes it’s easier to buy new underwear instead of doing the laundry each week.

paris hilton laundry

2. Pie is your friend. And no one can stop you from having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Image: Georgie Pie McDonalds New Zealand
Image: Georgie Pie McDonalds New Zealand

3. The microwave is the only kitchen tool you need. You can make any meal with it.

Back_to_the_Future_Part_2_5_12_Movie_CLIP_The_Future_McFlys_1989_HD (1)
Image: Back to the Future

4. Flatting with others is not all fun and games.

Image: Buzzfeed
Image: Buzzfeed

5. Grocery shopping is great because you can buy whatever the hell you want… until you reach the cashier.

Extreme_Couponing_Season_3_Episode_8_Krista_Amanda (1)
Image: Extreme Couponing

6. Cleaning is worse than finishing a uni assignment.

Image: Enchanted

7. Paying bills makes you an adult. Oh shit, paying bills makes you an adult.

Confessions of a Shopaholic Pay Bills
8. Knowing the nearest dairy can save your life for emergency milk shortage.

help me im poor
9. As much as you would like to decorate your place like in the magazines, furniture in New Zealand are expensive. Which leads to furnish your place pretty much includes handovers and TradeMe $1 bargains.

trademe 1 dollar
10. No one’s going to tell you when to go to bed. That said, sometimes you wish someone does.

Image: BIg Bang Theory

11. Who needs to cook if there are a nearby fish and chips shop and pizza joint?!

fish and chips
12. House party sounds fun. But in real life it sucks because you have to clean up with a hangover.

13. Those herb plants from the supermarket are the worst plants to buy. Who can keep them alive for a couple of days?

deserve to die
14. Don’t you wish there’s 24/7 food delivery?

emma stone yum

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Written by Alliv Samson

Founder and Publisher of XYNZ Magazine. Alliv is also the co-founder and COO of Kami ( @allivsamson


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