3 Best Eggs Benedict in Auckland

Last month, we searched for the best Eggs Benedict in Auckland. After managing to visit a number establishments. Here are our three recommended places to have your eggs benedict based on the price, location, presentation and taste.

1. The Return of RAD Cafe $19.50

Our favourite: Eggs Benedict served with pulled bacon hock, potato gratin, apple cider, hollandaise, apple slaw and an apple cider vinaigrette.

Other option: house-cured salmon (cured with lemon and dill), potato gratin, apple cider hollandaise and water cress.

Why we love it: great service and the pulled pork is so good we came back three mornings just to have it again.

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2. Coffee Club from $17.00

Our favourite: Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon ($19) Other option: bacon ($18), spinach and mushroom ($17), and ham ($17). Why we love it: Easy access. Nowadays, you can easily find a Coffee Club, so when you have an Eggs Benedict craving you know where to go first. The hollandaise is so good we usually ask for extra.

  • Gluten Free option available at an additional $1.



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3. Geeks on Sainsbury Petite $10 and Regular $18

Our favourite: Eggs Benedict Salmon Gravlax with avocado puree, sauteed spinach topped with hollandaise on layered agria potato.

Other option: pokeno bacon and pan fried tofu

Why we love it: location might be a little too far to some of you but it is worth the drive to Mt Albert. Beautiful presentation delicious agria potato.

  • Gluten Free and Vegetarian option
  • 1/55 Sainsbury Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025
  • Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 am (weekdays) and 8:00 (weekends)
  • Facebook page


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What’s your favourite eggs benedict spot in your area? Share and recommend below.

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Written by Alliv Samson

Founder and Publisher of XYNZ Magazine. Alliv is also the co-founder and COO of Kami ( @allivsamson

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