Men’s Spring Shoes: All White Everything


It’s spring – Yay, new stuff. Personally, winter sends me into a downward spiral of black on black. Come spring, things start to look up. My new look? All white everything (thank you Iggy Azalea). After a busy August with New Zealand Fashion Week, injecting inspiration into my current wardrobe (sorry account balance I will make it up to you I promise), I have decided my feet have been neglected for way too long, and new shoes are a must. This spring, I am all about white casuals (take a hike dress shoes).


  1. Adidas Superstars

Yes, we have all seen them, but YOLO these are some of the comfiest shoes around. Being the glamazon 11-year-old I once was, I wore my glitzy white and gold Superstars with great pride. But this spring, I’m all about the white.



  1. Vans Canvas Old Skool

I spent way too much time and energy trying to keep these pups clean over the winter, so things are looking up. These will look great with white slacks, and a plain white tee, maybe a white tote or hat too. Fresh.



  1. Toms Classics

Get amongst, these beachy treats are comfy as anything and scream vacation. Ever heard of One for One? Every pair of Toms purchased, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  




  1. Birkenstocks

Maybe you are already summer ready! Good for you. In that case, get into these. I’ve been wearing mine with socks all winter. Which is totally fine because the Olsen twins did it first.



  1. Converse Chuck Taylor High

Yes these old things you’ve already seen. However, these have recently been completely remodeled internally to save your poor feet from being squeezed into a ridiculous form. These are a total classic. And of course, look better once worn in.




  1. Puma Courtstar Leather Trainers

Rihanna Queen of Everything just became an ambassador of Puma. Get amongst because everything she says is gospel.



  1. Adidas Originals Stan Smith Weave

We’ve all noticed, Stan Smiths with a weirdly wrinkled out of shape toe and tongue. The solution. These. They scream sporty smart casual.


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Written by James Knapp

Feature writer at XYNZ Magazine. James is a design and media graduate from VUW with great taste.
Instagram @jamesalexanderknapp

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