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Jetstar Price Radar Takes the Stress Out of Best Value Fare Hunt

Keeping up with the best value fares is time-consuming and too much of a hassle. Yes, there may be a couple of flight search sites out there, but if you are like one of the thousands of students who need to keep up with local fares and across the Tasman, we found the most convenient way to get the cheapest fare.


Whether you are preparing for your next trip to Sydney with friends or your next visit back home in Christchurch, we recommend checking out the new Jetstar Price Radar. It’s as easy as saving your location, destination, travel dates and your budget. Then you will be subscribed to live price update with the best price match to your preferred travel dates. Done!

Here is a step by step guide to using the free service:

  1. Search for your desired trip.
  2. On ‘Select departing flight’ page, click on ‘Activate Price Radar’ button found on top of the page.
  3. Complete the information (budget, your email, dates) then click ‘Activate Price Radar’.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Pro Tip:

You can manage your Price Radar alert any time by logging in to your account > Contact Preferences > Price Radar > Manage.



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