Young Entrepreneur: Gabriella Scott-Lister of Store305

Campaign for Store305
Gabriella Scott-Lister
Young Entrepreneur Gabriella Scott-Lister

1. Gabby, tell me about Store305? Where did the label inspiration come from?

Honestly? It all started with a night out on the town with my best friend, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the details of how it all came about but I woke up the next day with a hedache, a phone full of notes, and a plan.

2. Who is the Store305 girl? Describe her.

She’s different, she wants to be different. I’ve always thought that clothes could give you a lot of confidence, and when they’re paired with practicality the Store305 girl can conquere the world.

Campaign image for Store305
Campaign image for Store305

3. Who is your ultimate girl crush?

Ooh, it would have to be Rihanna, back in high school, a group of friends and I saw her perform in the Vector Arena and have never seen such a talented performer in my life. I envy her confidence!

4. Which designers and style gurus do you model your aesthetic from?

I generally do not have go to designers, it’s often more about art and things I see in the street that give me the inspiration. Fashion Journal street snaps always gets us fizzing. I love to use designspiration too, it’s such a great collection of a broad range of artists.

Campaign for Store305
Campaign for Store305

5. What’s the greatest challenge with running your own label and business?

At the moment it’s definitely keeping on top of uni work, I’m a full time first year student- it’s stressful at the best of times.

6. What’s you’re vision for the label long term? What’s the dream?

To be invited to New Zealand fashion week, the glitz and glamour of runway shows is so exciting, plus I’ve been picking out songs for my own show since I was 13.

Campaign for Store305
Campaign for Store305

7. What are your three daily handbag essentials for summer?

  • I always carry one of our store skivvys, my pet hate is being cold so I like to keep my options open for the unpredictable dunedin weather.
  •  A notepad- always be prepared for an idea or a call, don’t let yourself be caught off guard.
  •  A $3000 USD Fendi key chain… (I wish)

8. If you could be a celebrity for a day, who and why?

I’ve never really closely followed celebrities, and don’t know if I could think of anyone else I would want to be. I’m lucky as hell to have had all the opportunities I have had and I wouldn’t give up a day in my life for anyone else’s. Would definitely not complain about having James Bay’s singing voice though.

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Written by Ellen Dick

Music & Lifestyle Co-ordinator. Ellen's a PR/Advertising graduate on the brink of adult life. She loves list making, ice cream and the beach (in no particular order).

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