10 Outfits You Should Wear at the Polo

Polo Darling? Here’s our top ten outfit picks for the BMW Polo this Weekend

Tis the season, for sunshine, champagne and horse sports. The good news is, this poses the perfect excuse to play ladies and dress up in your finest classy-girl gears. With this in mind, I have put together some of our top picks for the Polo this weekend, to out horse even the finest ponies around.

1. Glassons Vneck Tie Dress NZD$49.99 Buy Now



2. Glassons Sleeveless Asymmetric Top NZD$29.99 Buy Online, RUBY Playhouse Pant $189.00 Buy Online, Sunglass Hut Christian Dior Soreal Diorsorea NZD$650.00 Buy Online


3. RUBY Seabright Plunge Dress $189.00 Buy Online, Michael Hill Geometric Drop Earrings in 10KT $109 Buy Online, Mi Piaci Faith Wedge Heel NZD $200.00 Buy Online

4. Dotti Lucky Lacey Off the Shoulder NZD$39.99 Buy Online, Drop Earring NZD$120 Buy Online

5. LIAM Cypress Shoestring Dress NZD$149.00 Buy Online, ASOS From St Xavier Exclusive Turquoise Gia Earrings NZD$ 82.92 Buy Online,  ASOS Skinnydip Faux Real Clutch Bag in Blue Snake NZD$ 61.10 Buy Online


6. RUBY Aloe Halter Dress $299.00 Buy Online,  Celine Rita Anna Dress $280 Buy Online



7. ASOS Self Portrait High Neck Lace Pannel Dress NZD$ 556.41 Buy Online

8. CUE Soft Crepe Crossover Pant AUD$209.00 Buy Online, Seed Heritage Floaty Trapeze Top NZD$99.90 Buy Online, Rebe MUSE SALT NZD$150.00 Buy Online

9. ASOS BCB Generation Culotte Jumpsuit in White NZD$ 272.75 Buy Online


10. Chi Chi London Off Shoulder Midi Dress in Organza NZD$ 124.37 Buy Online


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Written by Ellen Dick

Music & Lifestyle Co-ordinator. Ellen's a PR/Advertising graduate on the brink of adult life. She loves list making, ice cream and the beach (in no particular order).

Instagram: @dicke26

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