New Kmart February Range

This range is an absolute dream. The marble, copper and pastel combo is a trendy look that minimalistic lovers would find oh-so-perfect. And if you’re more into the urban vibe, their Two Tone Side Tables or Urban Lamps are just a few alternatives. Our top favourites would be the Hexagon Board,  Assorted Dinnerware and Manhattan Table!

Kmart’s new living range has just hit stores. So, what are you waiting for? *KMMMAAARRTTTT SHOPPING SPREEEE*

Full pricing available below.



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Pricing List:

  1. Two Tone Side Tables $29.00 each
  2. Urban Lamp $25.00
  3. Canisters $6.00 each
  4. Concrete Pots $3.00 each
  5. Assorted Dinnerware $2.00 each
  6. Assorted Dinnerware $2.00 each
  7. Marble Effect Pot $12.00
  8. Honeycomb Pots $5.00 each
  9. Black & Copper Plated Geo Bowls $7.00 each
  10. Shaped Jugs $15.00 each
  11. Lustro Table Lamp $25.00
  12. 225 Thread Count QB Printed Cotton Sheet Set $39.00
  13. Marble effect Soap Dispenser and Tumbler $6.00 each
  14. Marble and Acacia Hexagon Board $17.00
  15. Hexagon Mirror $17.00
  16. Marble Slice Cushion $10.00
  17. Manhattan Table $35.00
  18. Nested Metal Geo Tables $39.00

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Written by Alberllie Samson

Alberllie is a Communications graduate who loves making lists and organisation. She's an avid foodie, beauty junkie and 70s hits fan. A self-proclaimed ambivert who loves livin' la vida loca. IG: @alberllie


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