How to Survive O-Week like a Champ

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Orientation week and first week of Uni are likely to be the highlight of a freshers calendar year. O-week, for those that are unsure (and have never been exposed to any fun times, ever) is a week, where students become orientated with the University campus and the surrounding city. The various student associations facilitate this through miscellaneous alcohol-fueled events such as mardi-gras, tea party, paint parties, foam parties, toga parties, quiz nights and hypnosis, to name a few.

To ensure you get through the week in one piece, here are our top tips on O-week survival. Tune in, or pack your bags and leave the Island:

Tactical Sleeping

As a young adult, we can acknowledge, you can survive on far less than eight hours when necessary. However, to ensure you’re going to have the most fun, provide most laughs and encounter the most fun times, sleeping is paramount. But do this tactically. A sleep in, (missing first lectures never hurt) will definitely help chip away at the hang over. If you couldn’t sleep in, or even if you did, have a nap. Naps, as you will come to learn, are a critical part of a university student’s life. Welcome.

sleeping in class

Energizer Bunny

Ensure you have a stock pile of Berocca, sweets and coconut water on hand at all times. This is for maintaining energy/fun levels at all time. I also recommend scroggin, peanut butter, bananas, and many a hash brown.

energizer bunny


Powerade (blue) will be your best friend during this trying time. Keep this blue elixir in the fridge (not the bath tub) and by your bed, to help you quickly bounce back from any nighttime excursions.

Endurance Clothing

For partying hard, practical (enter Adidas/Nike anything) footwear is key. Staying out till 5.30-6am is what fantastic friendships are made of, and if you have to head home after 30m to rest your toes, you’ve tapped out for all the wrong reasons.


Enjoy and good luck freshers!

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Written by Ellen Dick

Music & Lifestyle Co-ordinator. Ellen's a PR/Advertising graduate on the brink of adult life. She loves list making, ice cream and the beach (in no particular order).

Instagram: @dicke26

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