Collection Cosmetics Lasting Colour Lip Range Swatch

Collection Cosmetics Lasting Colour Lip Range is NZ$16.50 and is only available at Countdown.

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a. 2 Pretty in Pink 0:05
b. 6 Cupcake Pink 0:08
c. 8 Mulberry Burst 0:11
d. 9 China Rose 0:15
e. 10 Fig Delight 0:18
f. 15 Taffeta Bloom 0:21
g. 16 Paper Rose 0:24
h. 18 Pink Diva 0:27
i. 19 Red Carpet 0:30

1. 2 Pretty in Pink

collection cosmetics pretty in pink lipstick


2. 6 Cupcake Pink

collection cosmetics Cupcake Pink lipstick

3. 8 Mulberry Burst

collection cosmetics Mulberry Burst lipstick

4. 9 China Rose

collection cosmetics China Rose lipstick

5. 10 Fig Delight

collection cosmetics Fig Delight lipstick

6. 15 Taffeta Bloom

collection cosmetics Taffeta Bloom lipstick


7. 16 Paper Rose

collection cosmetics Paper Rose lipstick

8. 18 Pink Diva

collection cosmetics Pink Diva lipstick


9. 19 Red Carpet

collection cosmetics Red Carpet lipstick

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