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Five Minimalist Jewelry That You Can Wear with Anything

Forget the chunky and over the top accessories, ladies. Autumn is the season for minimalist jewelry that you can compliment with any outfit. Even when you are wearing in your basic tees and jeans to uni, you can instantly add glam to your look with these gems. Here’s our top five favourite jewelries from Michael Hill:

1. Arrow Necklace NZ$89 Buy Online

Arrow Pendant in 10kt Yellow Gold, comes with the gold plated chain.

Michael Hill arrow necklace xynz



2. Arrow Ring NZ$179 Buy Online

Wrap ring in 10kt Yellow Gold.

Michael Hill arrow ring xynz


3. Arrow Bracelet NZ$109 Buy Online

19cm (7.5″) Arrow Bracelet in 10kt Yellow Gold

4. Rolo Bracelet NZ$109 Buy Online

19CM (7.5″) Rolo Bracelet in 10kt Yellow Gold
Michael Hill arrow bracelet xynz

5. Ball Stack Ring NZ$199 Buy Online

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