Five Things to Do To Have a Relaxing Weekend

Here are five of our top picks to keep you relaxed and focused this weekend.

1. Drink Tea

Without sounding like your grandmother, tea is like a hug in a cup and is great to share while reading a good book. If the weather packs up, don your leisure wear (bed socks included) and sip away.

We recommend: Harney and Sons’ Paris Tea (Buy Online)
and read How Google Works (Buy Online)

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2. Change your Toothbrush

With the change of seasons, change your toothbrush. Ensure you keep your toothy pegs squeaky clean (especially given the sugar forecast for the weekend) and change up that brush asap.

Here’s how you can choose the right toothbrush (Read)

3. Start a Project

Any little creative projects you’ve been meaning to start, be it sewing, painting or writing egg themed poetry, give it a crack this weekend.

Why not try: DIY Macrame Hanging Planters (Learn How)

hanging planters
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4. Try Colouring

If you’ve been a little tense at work lately or something has just had you in a tizz, use the extra time to indulge in some colouring therapy. Duck down to your nearest bookstore or supermarket and pick up some adult colouring tools and let the colouring work its mellow magic.

We recommend: Wild Savannah by Millie Marotta (Buy Online)

Wild Savannah by Millie Marotta


5. Update Your Room

Freshen up your room with these trendy yet affordable pieces from Kmart (link).

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Written by Ellen Dick

Music & Lifestyle Co-ordinator. Ellen's a PR/Advertising graduate on the brink of adult life. She loves list making, ice cream and the beach (in no particular order).

Instagram: @dicke26

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