Watch: Speight’s ‘Unfinished Projects’ for ‘We Will’ Campaign

They’re the stuff of Kiwi legends, unfinished projects littering our great country. Well-intentioned dreams, rusting in the backyard, collecting dust in the garage and withering on old tattered to do lists.

80% of Kiwis surveyed saying that they have an unfinished project. Of those surveyed, Wellingtonians (87%) had the most unfinished projects, closely followed by Cantabrians (86%). Bay of Plenty, despite the name, seemed to be the Bay of Least with the smallest amount of unfinished projects (68%) still to be completed.

A testament to the Kiwi reputation as a nation that rolls up its sleeves and mucks in, 65% of New Zealanders surveyed have answered the call of a mate in need, helping them knock off an unfinished project.

To encourage Kiwis to knock off those lingering jobs, Speight’s has launched its Unfinished Projects campaign.

So stop sitting on the fence you haven’t built yet and head to where you can enter your unfinished project and invite your mates to help lend a hand.

Watch the TVC

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