7 Ways To Energise Your Morning + Giveaway

Start your morning with a glass of water

Your body is made up of 70% water. You need it first thing to keep your brain functioning, muscles moving and blood flowing. Be ready to take on the world (one glass of water at a time). If you’re feeling like a bit of a flavour, add some fresh lemon juice to the mix — this trick aids digestion and removes toxins in your body.


You snooze, you lose

Unless you really, REALLY need that extra 20-30 mins of sleep — snoozing won’t do you any good. Your body needs to get ready to wake up, and going for the snooze button would just confuse your brain of whether it’s time to wake up or go back to sleeping mode. Next thing you know, it’s been an hour way past the time you were supposed to get out of bed. Oops.


Grab a healthy breakfast

Think carbohydrates, lean protein and fibre. Having a good meal in the morning would definitely energise your body. No one likes an empty stomach, keep yourself satisfied with some good bites. Your body will thank you for it!


Berocca is your best friend

Ideal for busy people on the run, Berocca Fizzy Melts are available in two delicious flavours — Berry Burst and Orange Fresh — and are a convenient way to help get your daily multivitamins while on the go. Just two a day will help support your mental sharpness and physical energy.


They taste nice and fruity; they’re chewable’s and there are no artificial stimulants. These fizzy melts carry B vitamins that help your nervous system carry information to and from your brain. Thumbs up x2.


Get physical

A few stretches here and there, a quick morning yoga or maybe a few minutes worth of workout. Exercising in the morning will definitely wake you up and keep you going all day. Adding this to your morning routine benefits fitness so it would keep your blood pumping, and that means more energy!


Listen to mood-boosting music

Listen to songs that will help you start your day right. Mood-boosting jams are the go-to. Head over to Spotify and you can find a few playlists that can improve your mood from 0 to 100. Get pumped to tackle work in a positive note.


Daily dose of Vitamin D

Healthy sleep is gold for busy people. So Vitamin D intake in the morning is much better than at night because this may cause restless nights. Here comes the sun, do-do-do-doooo.



To help your mental sharpness and physical energy on your daily grind, we’re giving away three prize packs of Berocca’s new Fizzy Melts (with each flavour in each pack).



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  • Kaz

    A big glass of water first thing in the morning, then it’s go go go from there. Running around after my daughter and getting her ready for school. I park a short distance away from her school and we actually walk to her class 🙂

  • Tui Amohanga

    I wake up, do stretches, grab a glasses of water, wake my daughter up for school, sit down and have breakfast consisting of Muesli, youghurt, and a cup of coffee. Then get ready to do the walk or bike to school run. All this is my way to stay energized.

  • Nikki C

    I have a shower to wake up and give my face a lovely big warm wash

  • Kim

    I have a shower then have a big breakfast and coffee

  • Liz Duncan

    I hit the gym most mornings so by the time I get to work I’ve already powered up my heart rate! ⚡

  • Mons Goodall

    I have a tasty fruit and kale smoothie

  • Heather Cheetham

    Banana & Berry smoothie a quick & deli9cious healthy way to quick start my morning

  • Stephanie

    Spinach and Mango with Chia Seeds – Delicious