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Meet Natalie Chan’s Bella the Cat + Competition [ended]


We talked to our feline friend Bella about her favourites and her owner – designer and entrepreneur Natalie Chan. A Parnell-resident, Bella sure knows how to have fun and get the best out of everything in life.

bella cat

Hi, I’m Bella!

Alliv: Hi Bella, it’s nice to finally meet you. To start off, who’s your favourite internet cat?

Bella: Hi hoo-man. I like Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson. But I still think I’m cuter than her, don’t you agree?

Alliv: Of course. You seem much more approachable than Olivia.

Bella: Yeah, she needs to relax a bit, aye.

taylor swift cat

Alliv: How about human, who’s your favourite human?

Bella: You’re putting me in the spotlight here. I must say, I idolize my mum, Natalie Chan. She’s a superwoman.


Alliv: How so?

Bella: She’s a designer and milliner of Natalie Chan Boutique; and a successful business person with Collective Design. I don’t know how she does it!

cat typing

I’m the CFO in my mum’s business… Chief Feline Officer


Alliv: What’s the best thing about her?

Bella: She makes these beautiful hats and dresses. Between us, I’m one of her muses.

Here’s one of my mum’s gorgeous hats.

Alliv: What’s a bad day like in the life of Bella?

Bella: Oh, when my family travels. Unfortunately, my cute paws can’t take long trips. But I get to see their photos and it kinda takes me where they were.

Can someone please photoshop me in my mum’s travel photos?

Alliv: What’s the best thing about having Natalie as your mum?

Bella: Well, she makes sure I’m active and that I eat the healthy yummy food. She spares no detail and makes sure I get the best! She also inspires me to create beautiful things. Like one time, I painted. It was so good that everyone looked so surprised when they saw it.

Here’s my mum Natalie at her workroom in Parnell.


Alliv: Would you like to be a designer and business person like her?

Bella: Yes. But I think I’ll leave it all to her. I’m good at posing in front of the camera, though. I am way cuter than that Grumpy Cat.

bella cat 2

Alliv: I heard you’re a fussy eater?

Bella: Who told you that?  

Alliv: What kind of food do you like?

Bella: Only the best, much like what Fancy Feast is all about.

bella cat eating fancy feast 2

Alliv: What do you love about Fancy Feast?

Bella: It’s delicious and it keeps my fur nice and shiny.


Alliv: What’s your favourite Fancy Feast treat?

Bella: Tough one. I love them all. But lately I’m loving the Beef Feast in Gravy and the Fancy Feast Inspirations treats. YUM!



Whenever my mum goes to the grocery store, I always make sure she gets some of these.


Alliv: What do you do every day?

Bella: Sleep, eat, and play. They say that I live a life that everybody envies.


Alliv: What is your favourite playtime?

Bella: Chasing my older brother and sister around the house, if not that; looking for a warm lap to sit on or snuggling up to my kids.


Alliv: Why do you like playing with your older brother and sister?

Bella: They are just the cutest. Waiting for them to get home is the best time of the day.


Alliv: How many pets are in the household?

Bella: There’s three of us, but I must say, I’m the cutest one.


Alliv: You’re so gorgeous, may I know what breed you are?

Bella: I’m a Lilac Burmese


Alliv: Lastly, how old are you?

Bella: I’m eight hoo-man years.


Is it food time, yet?


Alliv: Thank you for the time, Bella. Hope you enjoy the treats I brought.

Bella: You’re welcome! I can’t wait to share some of the treats to my pals.

About Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast caters for this with the biggest range of textures and flavours of wet cat food on the market with super premium single serve cans and pouches with real ingredients. Fancy Feast can be purchased in supermarkets.


Competition [ended]

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Written by Alliv Samson

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