Five Magical Items to Make Your Unicorn Dreams Come True

Unicorn lovers rejoice! Add some sparkle to your life and get some unicorn goodies. Whether it’s for you or a mate who’s just too close to la-la land, we gathered the most ‘magical’ unicorn-inspired items.

1. Magicorn Onesie, $89.99 – Shop

The cutest onesie we’ve ever seen. I mean, look how adorable this is!


2. Unicorn Light Up Slippers, $89.99 – Shop

Happiness on your feet.



3. Inflatable Unicorn Horn, $14.99 – Shop

For emergency unicorn badassery. Or last minute gift idea.

inflatable unicorn horn

Or try, Instant Unicorn, $23.99 – Shop

instant unicorn

4. Uni: Unicorn Ambient Light (White), $19.99 – Shop

For your magical dreams.


4. Magical Unicorn Mask, $49.99 – Shop

Go full unicorn. Whatever. We won’t judge.

unicorn mask