Lancôme Énergie De Vie to combat Urban Fatigue

What’s life like for 20-30-something women today? We are multi-tasking queens, living several lives in one, following the latest trends and maintaining a presence on social networks, setting goals like a girl boss, want to do everything and to discover places.

Yes, we’re all about the busy lifestyle; We love it but our skin doesn’t. I’m not talking about the lack of sleep but overwhelmed, over-stressed and over-living — this is what we call urban fatigue.

Skin, meet Énergie De vie

Lancôme has created something to meet the skin concerns of the modern world. I’ve used the new Énergie De Vie (meaning: Energy of life) for the past week and will continue to use this especially during NZ Fashion Week.

So far, my skin feels extra nourished and healthy after use. I particularly like its light texture, it’s easy for your skin to absorb without having to worry about it feeling too heavy. Plus, the three-step routine is just the perfect, quick tossup!

It’s made especially for millennials who need an easy-to-use and highly effective routine to concentrate in moisture, along with energising and antioxidant active ingredients. So, if this sounds like you, read on:


Step 1: The smoothing & plumping Pearly Lotion: this lotion has a myriad of translucent and evanescent pearls of multiple sizes. On the skin, the nourishing feel of an oil is paired with the intense freshness of a water, for a splash of energy.

Step 2: The smoothing & glow-boosting Liquid Care: the standard bearer of a new vision of Liquid care™ by Lancôme. Comprehensive, all-in-one skincare, designed to be as fresh as a lotion, as concentrated as a serum and as moisturising as a Lancôme cream. Bursting with moisturising, antioxidant and energising active ingredients, it leaves skin fresh and radiant and delivers smoothing and plumping effects.

Step 3: The overnight recovery Sleeping Mask: repairing skincare to be applied after a busy day or as an emergency treatment. Its texture breaks into water on the skin, lowering its temperature by 1.8 C° for an intense feeling of freshness. Its formula helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and maintain its optimal moisture levels.

Available from 22 August 2016 at selected department stores, Farmers and pharmacies. Suggested retail $70.00 each

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Written by Alberllie Samson

Alberllie is a Communications graduate who loves making lists and organisation. She's an avid foodie, beauty junkie and 70s hits fan. A self-proclaimed ambivert who loves livin' la vida loca. IG: @alberllie

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