Oh My Goodness, Organic Facial Cleanser On Point!

Hola ladies, let’s get real. A lot of people have been jumping into the organic products buzz lately (including me) but I think I may have just met a game-changer.

We all have different skin types and hence, different types of products to match our combination skin. For the past few weeks, I have replaced my usual daily cleanser with the Everyday Day Cream Cleanser by Goodness Natural Beauty Lab, and I think I’m in love, to put it simply.

It’s creamy, easy to apply and removes makeup just fine, too. Also, I believe its hero ingredient is the certified organic chia seed oil – this is what keeps my skin hydrated and looking damn fine despite the horrible weather/stress/exposure. A few other things that I admire about the range is that:

  • Bunnies are safe (no animal testing)
  • Yay for Mother Nature (biodegradable product)
  • Landfill-friendly (recyclable packaging)
  • Happy pocket (super affordable)

The products that I’ve used before this one worked pretty well, but it didn’t give me that extra oomph to make my skin feel extra nourished, cleansed and also soft to touch even after multiple uses. Consistency is key, and Goodness has proved to have this quality so far! With apple extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils this green tube of goodness are filled with the right essential ingredients – all natural, leaving out the nasties.


A wee tip for an even healthier skin is to use an organic facial oil. Their Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil  also works wonders – easily-absorbed and super silky which I like very much! Seriously, facial oils are like a genie in a bottle, they make your skin dreams come true.

If you’re thinking of an alternative or think your current cleanser isn’t doing a very good job, then I recommend trying out an organic/natural skincare range. There are so many fantastic organic products out there, it’s all about finding what works best for your skin. Goodness has been extra good for me, so hopefully your skin will similarly find the perfect match very soon.

What to look for in organic facial cleaners:

  • The first three ingredients – if they’re plant-based or bio-active blends, then you have yourself a keeper.
  • Gentle formulas – look for natural plant oils, essential old blends or fruit and plant extracts.
  • Avoid products with irritants like parabens, artificial fragrance, colourants, petroleum and mineral oil ingredients.

All views are my own. 


  • Madi

    Everything I have to comment is completely anecdotal, but I’m also utterly head over heels for this brand. After learning that the cleanser I had been using for years was owned by Nestle-an ethical nightmare in company form- I started searching for something better. As someone with frustratingly sensitive skin that flared up constantly and was practically scaley at times, I was hesitant to try anything new but can safely say my face found its perfect match in the Goodness cleanser.

    My skin is the healthiest it’s been in years. I have to restrain myself from stroking my cheeks every damn day because they’re so uncharacteristically smooth and itch-free. The biggest pull for me was the ingredient list and cruelty-free seal of approval, but as a poor student the very reasonable pricing is an equally huge plus.

    I’ve since started using the everyday moisturiser and chia seed oil and while I’ve been introducing these new products slowly, so far so good. Great review, I can personally agree that switching to an organic range was a decision I wish I had made sooner!