Top 5 Albums Of 2016 You Should Know

2016 has bought us some great album releases – here are five you should especially give a listen, if you haven’t already. You may know the artist, but do you know the album? In no particular order…

Rihanna – Anti



This one’s an obvious, however a must. You may have heard some of Riri’s new tracks on the radio, but if you haven’t listened to her whole album you are missing out my friend.

This empowered female artist takes her music to the next level, sounding pretty different from her previous work. You can really hear her in the music; one of those albums you know she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing. Sassy, dance worthy, cry worthy, love worthy. Listen!

Favourite song: Needed Me


Chance the Rapper ­– Coloring Book 

If you aren’t into rap, don’t be put off the name, he is jazzier than you think. Featuring big names such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West, you have probably heard some of the songs on his album, but again make sure you listen to the whole thing.

Chance the Rapper combines jazzy tunes with rap music to create cool tunes you can’t help but groove to. The name ‘Coloring Book’ describes the album perfectly and you will understand why when you listen.

Favourite song: All We Got


Frank Ocean – Blond


On August 20, Frank Ocean released an album that surpassed expectations (and expectations were high). A mix between chilled rap, lyrical genius and riffs that could make you fall in love, Blond is definitely addictive and one of those albums you can play over and over.

Warning, it will make you want to marry Frank. The only thing is I wish the album was longer, only because it’s so good. Special mention for the monologue ‘Be Yourself’. Powerful, and slightly humorous. But mostly powerful.

Favourite Song: Godspeed


Solange – A Seat at the Table


This badass female singer is the sister of Beyoncé if you didn’t already know, but has a very different style from her. Chilled, jazzy, hip yet sweet. Solange’s new album is the new era of music.

The songs perfectly link into one another, so you are not even sure when a new song starts. It’s the kind of album you can drift away to in the background, but when you listen to the lyrics you are instantly inspired. I’d marry you too, Solange.

Favourite song: Cranes in the sky


Bon Iver – 22, A Million


If you are unsure of who my old friend Bon is, he’s the original artist to the song ‘Skinny Love’. But you are missing out if you haven’t listen to his other stuff. His new album released is no exception. Strange, different, yet beautiful.

There are purposely placed glitches throughout which work well with this kind of album. I definitely recommend his music if you want to try songs a little different from the mainstream. All in all, another great album that you should give at least two listens to.

Favourite Song: 22 (OVER SooN)

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Hannah-Rose is a 20-year-old student who's a fresh graduate and is flatting in the city. She is a wine enthusiast, food lover, self-proclaimed DJ, coffee snob and dumpling connoisseur. Instagram: @hannahrosehollins


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