Men’s Summer Footwear & Style Tips

Footwear can be a tough call for guys. It’s hard to figure out what shoes to wear, how and with what. It’s also hard to find shoes that are trendy and comfortable all at once.

With summer around the corner, I’ve lined up a few pointers on what shoes will go along with what attire.

Penny Loafers 


These are a great essential in the wardrobe that can be worn all through the year, they are designed in a way that gives a certain smart-ish look to an outfit. Loafers are a good option to be paired with cotton shorts during summer as a smarter alternative to something like jandals. Remember if you’re going to purchase a pair of leather loafers, make sure they’re leather lined and leather upper for the best quality and comfort. Don’t fear if they are a bit tight across the width of your foot as leather stretches.




These come in handy when you want to dress up and when you want a ‘dress down’ look. They give a classic feel to an outfit due to the detailing on the shoes. Brogues can be worn with suits quite easily. Regarding slightly dressing down, try them with a pair of navy jeans and a t-shirt. Smart casual made easy.  They tend to come in various colours so if you’ve already got standard tan, black or brown shoes then here’s your chance to have a bit of fun.

Boat shoes 


Many can mistake these for being the same as a loafer, but truth be told they are different. A boat shoe is well known for being the “it” footwear in warm weather. They tend to be ‘summer casual’ shoes with a refined look about them. They are a great option to be paired up with a short sleeve shirt and a pair of denim shorts.



These are a staple and a sporty touch to a street style look. This look is commonly seen everywhere because of how much it has become a trend. T-shirts and Singlets with shorts, jeans or chinos plus sneakers are without a doubt on trend.

Wingtip Dress Shoes


Here is your dressy shoe for summer. There will come times where you need to step up your attire and brave the heat in your slightly formal outfit. My suggestion is if you have to be formal during summer, purchase a lightweight cotton suit and a pair of these wingtip dress shoes, and you’ll be all set to go.

White canvas shoes


Year after year this look still pulls through and this summer will be no different. A pair of white canvas shoes will take you through summer with your outfits easily. Buy a pair, wear them to death and repeat step one and two again next year.  There’s something about white shoes that lifts an outfit; you can practically wear them with everything. When in doubt go white!

If you still need help, jump on Wearit App and get a stylist’s opinion. Have fun getting summer ready!

Words by Tania, Head Stylist at Wearit.

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