VNZMA Wrap Up – What You Missed and What You Didn’t

This year’s VNZMA was pretty spectacular – full of lights, cameras and action. As a first-timer, I was blown away by the size and scale of the event. The annual Music Awards is considered as one of the biggest and most anticipated events in New Zealand music – from the pre-party to the after-party! Based on my experience that night, I’ve rounded up some of the things you missed and the things you didn’t.

You missed: Aaradhna re-gifting her award to another group

During her acceptance speech, Aaradhna, singer of ‘Brown Girl’, won an award for Best Urban/Hip-Hop Album but gave her award away to another group in the category, SWINT (you may have seen news about this over the past week). She was incredibly gracious but strong when she turned down the award, and I do have to say it was one of the quietest moments all evening. You must watch the video if you haven’t seen it already.

2016 Vodafone Music Awards
Source: 2016 Vodafone Music Awards

You didn’t miss: Seeing Broods live

Broods were unable to make the awards night as they are currently on tour. It was indeed unfortunate for fans and event goers but an amazing achievement for the brother-sister duo who won five awards this year. It just wasn’t the same watching them accept their awards through video, Broods we missed you!

You missed: Maala’s performance was better live

Fellow music enthusiasts have mentioned to me that they weren’t as impressed with Maala’s performance on TV but I would like to say that he was great live! TV can morph voices and echoes that make performances sound differently which may have been the case. Also, I feel that the style of his voice may be very hard to record on mainstream television. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve seen him play live a few times but I’m sure this young artist will continue to develop and wow the audience live or on television.

You didn’t miss: A bad performance

I have to say, there wasn’t one performance I didn’t like. Shapeshifter started off the show with their new song ‘Stars’. Kings with the song ‘Don’t Worry Bout’ It’ was incredible and Bic Runga with an absolute classic ‘Sway’ was beautiful as per usual. All  performances exceeded my expectations and it was an ah-mazing night.

2016 Vodafone Music Awards
Source: 2016 Vodafone Music Awards

You missed: Dave Dobbyn Dabbing

Do I need to say more? It was so effortless… he has definitely done that before. Rumour has it he was even Snapchatting too. Good on ya Dave for getting in there with our crazy youth culture.

All views are my own. 

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