15 Reactions to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


I’m a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan. When I say ‘die-hard’ I mean that I’ve watched the series more than 10 times, know all the words to the theme song, and often feel like I’m in the Dean, Jess, Logan, and Rory love square (because let’s face it, it’s not a triangle).

This just proves how Gilmore Girls is a show that women (or men) of all ages can binge-watch, enjoy and connect over. It is a show that has a narrative of life lessons and lessons learnt with the ones you care about the mostWhen I found out that Netflix was doing a revival four-part series or Gilmore Girls 2.0 as I like to call it, I yelped with joy, jumped around like a loon and decided to re-watch the previous series again for the 11th time.

I was hyped for months about the release, so when the day arrived, I was ready – ready for the fluffy alarm clocks, Luke’s coffee and Kirk’s oddness. The show delivered on all three of those fronts, so I was happy. Oy with the poodles already! Let’s get down to the real stuff – the good, the sad, and the ugly of Gilmore Girls: The Year in the Life.

The Good

All the characters are back. Well, almost all of them! Lorelai and Rory (obviously), Luke, Miss Patty, Michel (oh, how I’ve missed him), Babette and Maurie, Kirk, Gypsy, Emily (the queen), Taylor, Paris, Doyle, Logan, Jess, Dean, Sookie, April, and even Paul Anka.

The Gilmore Girls all in one roof. The kitchen remains untouched (unless Luke is cooking), the fluffy alarm clocks, Rory’s Yale paraphernalia. Everything still looks the same, with a few added knick-knacks and bits of furniture, but apart from that, it’s like being back nine years ago.


Lorelai and Luke = finally! How long have we all been waiting for that? The pair are finally loved up and ready to take on the world together (well kind of). Lukelai, we have faith in you!

Boys, boys, boys. All three of Rory’s lovers make an appearance and it’s still as juicy as ever. Whether you’re Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan – there’s some eye candy for everyone, and they all aged well. There was even a small glimpse of Tristan!

The Dragonfly still exists. Sookie hasn’t burnt anything and most of the main crew are still there. Michel is still having tantrums, and hating guests, and while Sookie is on “sabbatical”, there are many guest chefs including Rachel Ray popping in to make sure the Inn doesn’t fall apart.

The pop culture references. What would Gilmore Girls be without pop culture references? And boy does they use a lot of them, with mentions of celebs such as Lena Dunham, and Jennifer Lawrence, it’s good to know that Stars Hollow doesn’t live under a rock.

The Sad

Richard, the King of the Gilmore castle, has passed on, and no one seems to be coping, especially Emily. The girls band together to try and get through the hard times, but no Gilmore event would be the same without arguments, crying, and cocktails on the rocks.

An end to the replace-maid-every-episode era. We’re used to Emily having thousands of maids but to everyone’s surprise, she has the same one in all four episodes. While it’s not entirely a sad thing, it still marks what could be the end of era and I bet the maid agency is ecstatic!


Rory is single. Well, not exactly. If she could only remember that thing?

Rory and Jess. He’s basically the one that got away, the “what if” and the best friend/lover she’ll always have.

Emily loses it, obviously as a result of losing Richard. She now doesn’t feel like she has a purpose in life. Grab some tissues because there may be some tears.

There are only FOUR episodes. Right when things are getting back to normal, it’s all over. Plus, those last four words?! *faints* NEED. MORE. EPISODES. NOW!

The Ugly

The musical scenes. Enough said.

Rory being the other woman. Come on Rory and Logan, get it together.

Jeans on Emily. Even that sentence doesn’t sound right.

Overall, the rebirth of Gilmore Girls filled the gap that had been empty since the show ended, but I found myself with more questions than answers! While there hasn’t been a confirmation on whether there will be another series, I’ll just have to continue re-watching until one is announced. It’s also safe to say that anywhere that they will go, I will follow.


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Written by Emma Hopgood

Contributor. Emma is a Communications graduate from Auckland. She's the ultimate LUSH queen, is very punny and loves the occasional rosé. IG: @emmahopgood

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