Here’s How These Young, Talented Kiwis Are Making It Happen

Books, movies, role models and personal experience; there’s one thing all of these things have in common – the ability to inspire someone to be the very #girlboss that they deserve to be. XYNZ chats with these driven, young women about what it’s like to be an aspiring tattoo artist, fashion designer, plant breeder, makeup artist and dietitian, and their Maybelline Make It Happen journey. Meet Katie-Rose, Rhyana, Lucy, Krystal and Gerogia!

What started your dream of becoming a (your desired career/goal)?

Rhyana McNab (aspiring Fashion Designer):

I was reading a book on fashion design at primary school and it just clicked – and that’s what I’ve desired ever since.

Georgia Wilshire (aspiring Dietitian):

It would have to be just my huge passion for food, nutrition and physical education; basically everything to do with what is beneficial to our bodies to perform our daily routines. I love the idea that I could have a job which is beneficial for improving the overall health of our society.

What was it like working with big brands/influencers? (list who you worked with and what you liked/learnt from them)

Krystal Ween (aspiring Makeup Artist):

Working alongside Maybelline and my two main mentors, Rani Shortland and Nigel Stanislaus, taught me to think outside the box, be confident, be a perfectionist (even more so!), work harder than ever and get my foot in the door whenever and wherever possible. Hugely beneficial experience and one I will carry with me going forward

Katie-Rose Clausen (aspiring Tattoo Artist):

I loved meeting all my mentors – they were very inspiring. Jimmy D and Nick Von K were such interesting characters and spent valuable time me, encouraging me to stick to my vision for the future and invest in worthwhile, well-explored ideas.

What has been your favourite part of the journey so far?

Lucy Egan (aspiring Plant Breeder):

My favourite part has been getting to meet all of the phenomenal people that I wouldn’t have come across normally – the whole journey has been incredible!!

Katie-Rose: Meeting Dan from Sacred Tattoo was the best connection I made! He really helped me figure out how to approach applying for tattoo apprenticeships and was lovely to chat too. I also got to hang out at the New Zealand Tattoo Festival in New Plymouth, which was so much fun!

Who are some of the influencers in the industry you look up to (local or international)?

Lucy: Definitely Dr. Hayley Ridgway from Lincoln University – she is such a wonderful woman and has achieved so much whilst being one of the favourite lecturers and Lincoln. She is definitely one of the bosses! Margaret Austin – She is the definition of living life to the fullest and if I achieve half of what she has I will be very happy!

Georgia: Nadia Lim and Art Green. Both are examples of people who have made their passions their careers. They have shown me that if you have a career that you’re passionate about, you are going to have a greater chance of success and you will also enjoy what you do.

How would you like to make a difference with your passion and skills in the future?

Krystal:  The makeup industry is so beautiful and versatile. I want to just immerse myself in the mixed up madness that it is. Like all innovators, I want to leave my mark on the industry and be a part of shaping it but for the most part, I want to be recognised as a well-respected artist.

Describe to us your personal style; What would you say your “this is so me!” outfit would be?

Rhyana: My personal style depends a lot on my mood but I love the contrast of badass androgynous style, with something more classic. But It’s the attitude and execution of the style that makes it count. Most likely you’ll see me wearing a pair of high-waist blue jeans, a white bf shirt (my one) and a pair of quality leather boots – that’s my never fail look.

What is one piece of advice you would give other young, aspiring Kiwi’s?

Georgia: If you have a dream, just go for it. Give it all you’ve got because you never know what might happen. I signed up for Make It Happen journey looking for advice for my career, it has given me so much more! I have made so many amazing lifelong connections, friendships and role models. If i were to have let my guard down and done something I was extremely nervous about, I literally wouldn’t be where I am now.

What is next for you?

Katie-Rose: A cool new job might be on the horizon very shortly.

Rhyana: Starting a blog, to help with nailing my personal style and brand heart, as well as University, doing a degree in Fashion Design and Business!!

Lucy: I head into the research year of my Masters next year and then hopefully onto a PhD!

Krystal: Well right now I’m heading to South America for 6 weeks in December and plan to mix pleasure with passion, I want to create makeup looks inspired by its raw surroundings, from the Amazon to Tribal inspired looks I will be publishing across my social media platforms throughout. After that, I just want to continue to develop and learn. Makeup is the gift that keeps on giving for me.

Georgia:  I’m starting my own business which will be health food orientated, with everything being sugar, dairy and gluten free, plus also being vegan. I have recently just bought a caravan so am currently converting that into a commercial kitchen and will also be using it as a pop-up cafe that I can take around different markets in the area. I am now looking more into the sports side of nutrition and the effects certain foods have on our overall performance in physical activity.

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