Top 10 Lush Bath Bombs That Are Fizztacular

Many people have recently told me that I have a problem when it comes to Lush products. I’d like to say that bath bombs are my weakness… but when I woke my sister up at 4.30am on Christmas night to see if their online boxing day sale had started, I then had to admit that I really do have a problem. The benefit of this “problem” however, means that I’m a (self-proclaimed) expert when it comes to Lush, so I’ve put together a list of my ultimate faves:

10. Honey Bee

Uh-huh, honey! Honey Bee has healing powers, literally. Honey paired with Aloe Vera is sure to take the sting out (pun intended). You’ll feel cleansed, softened, soothed, smooth and uplifted.

I love this bath bomb! While it looks like you’ve had a wee accident (again, pun intended), you’ll be reassured by the beautiful honey scent. Perfect when you’re burnt or itchy, or in need of a good soak. Make sure you pick up one of these quick, they’re being discontinued and won’t be around for long!


9. Tisty Tosty

Could it get any more romantic? Take a dip in rosebud heaven, light some candles and relax. Full to the brim with everything rosy–you’ll feel like you’ve fallen into a rose bush (without the thorns). Tisty Tosty is based on a medieval love potion, which is sure to enchant anyone who joins you in the bath. Also, it features rose oil, used by aromatherapists to fix your broken heart.

He loves me, he loves me not? This is the question on many lips, and while I don’t believe in voodoo, I do believe that this bath has the ability to solve a few boy troubles (well, kinda). This bath lets you contemplate and get lost in hypothetical situations, and you leave feeling a lot more content.

8. Twilight

If counting sheep isn’t helping, give Twilight a try! Crammed with essential oils, and soothing fragrances, you’ll be nodding off in no time. Your bath will be transformed into rays of setting sunshine–and your nose will be tantalised by the smells of lavender and ylang-ylang.

Twilight was been designed to make you feel sleepy and it definitely did that for me. I was dozy within minutes the first time I tried it. Although I can nap for days, I often have unsettled sleep, but being amongst all the calming scents really helped me unwind and sleep better. Tip: try and have this bath bomb 30-minutes to an hour before you want to go to bed. You’ll definitely be ready to hit the sheets once you’re out.

7. Yoga Bomb

Escape your hectic lifestyle, and unwind in a sanctuary of sandalwood slow fizzes. Watch as Yoga Bomb slowly dissolves; the orange branches into purple, and then fades into turquoise. Leave everything behind and just RELAX.

Yoga Bomb is ideal to use when you need to unwind or a little pick-me-up after work. Pair this experience with a hot cuppa, relaxing tunes and your night is set!

6. Sex Bomb

Baby, you can take me home! Sex Bomb is definitely one for the lovers, full of scents designed for sensual healing. This bath bomb will clear your mind, keep you relaxed, and get you in the mood for some romance.

It’s pretty, it’s pink, and relaxes you, what more could you want after a long day? Perfect for when you’ve got an important meeting coming up, a hard exam, or just an emotional day. This one is one of my absolute faves, and my go-to when I’m feeling super stressed.

5. Big Blue

It’s blue da ba dee da ba daa. Yes, Big Blue is just that, big and blue, but also extraordinarily good for you skin. Full of seaweed that is rich in vitamins and minerals, sea salt which exfoliates and softens the skin, and lemon oil, and lavender which are perfect cleansers and antiseptics. If you want to leave the bath feeling clean and healthy, this is definitely for you!

Big Blue was one of the first bath bombs I’ve ever tried, and it’s remained one of my favourites for the past three years. I love using this one when I’m super tired, or feeling really gross. Tip: put on an exfoliating face mask before your bath so you can emerge a new and smoother you.

4. Experimenter

Boy does this bomb put on a show. If you ever wanted a rainbow bath, here’s your chance. The Experimenter dissolves into five bright colours, bringing with it beautiful scents that will make you feel like you’re in heaven. This bath bomb will bring the excitement and romance of any good bath bomb.

Experimenter definitely makes my top five, with beautiful colours erupting from its centre. It’s perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates, or some dumplings? Experiment!

3. Eror 404

Error 404 is the bomb! While it doesn’t look anything ‘flash’, as soon as it hits the water your breath will be taken away. The golden exterior breaks away and you’re left with the most beautiful aqua blue dotted with golden glitter. This is what bathing in gold must be like. Plus, this bomb isn’t just beautiful it also smells AMAZING. With hints of vanilla and gardenia, the stress of having eaten so much at Christmas completely left my mind.

If that doesn’t sway you, you’ll be happy to know that all the profits made on Error 404 are donated to the Digital Fund, one of Lush’s many charities. So why not take a dip?

2. Frozen

This bath bomb will 100% help you let it go, let it gooooo! Submerge yourself in a tub full of snowy colours, with a touch of silver glitter. You’ll smell of roses and neroli, and leave the bath all sparkly and in the mood to build a snowman.

Frozen truly amazed me. I admit I didn’t have high expectations for this one, but I was truly blown away. You’ll leave the bath totally at peace, and covered in silver glitter, people will truly mistake you for a modern day vampire as you shimmer in the sunlight. (Note: the glitter comes off super easily with a wet facecloth, and by covered in glitter, I don’t mean covered-covered, just subtly covered. Like a fairy).

1. Intergalactic

This bad boy is one of the newer kids on the block, and it’s certainly one of the cool kids. Intergalactic definitely lives up to its name since it creates a mini galaxy in your bathtub. Full with bright colours and delicious scents including peppermint, cedar wood and grapefruit, this bath bomb takes you to a galaxy far far away. Make sure you take a snap for Instagram as it’s sure to rake in the likes!

Intergalactic was an easy pick for my number one. It smells amazing, looks amazing, and leaves you feeling amazing. I was literally in this bath for so long my fingers were pruney. If that doesn’t tell you how good this is, I don’t know what will.

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Written by Emma Hopgood

Contributor. Emma is a Communications graduate from Auckland. She's the ultimate LUSH queen, is very punny and loves the occasional rosé. IG: @emmahopgood


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