Five Auckland Food & Drink Joints You Need to Check Out

The Auckland food scene has upped its game in the passing months, with some incredible and unique places opening up around town. Not just about food anymore, the vibe of Auckland food spots is just as important. Here are five that have stood out, and should be on your bucket list of places to check out this Summer:

TRUE Food & Yoga: 19 Tamaki Drive

TRUE is truly delicious–no pun intended *wink wink*. Conjoined with a yoga studio, TRUE focuses on nutritious and honest food. With a beautiful view and outside area, paired with impeccable service, True is a home-run in the food scene. Go for a session of yoga and enjoy a delicious something-something after, from a turmeric latte to a smoothie or a meal. You are guaranteed to walk out more serene than when you walked in.

Favourite: Buckwheat pancakes or smashed avocado (pictured)

Olly: 537 Mt Eden Road

Mt Eden’s freshest kid on the block, Olly is an art gallery/coffee house/doughnut joint. What more do you need in life? With one of the best murals I have seen in an Auckland café by the talented Toni Gill, Jed Richardson and Bryson Naik, Olly stands out from the Auckland coffee scene and is a must-visit. Grab a freshly made cuppa whilst adorning the new art dropping each month.

Favourite: Oreo Doughnut with flat white

Gypsy Caravan: 130 Ponsonby Road

More of an upmarket option, the Gypsy Caravan has a hippy yet sophisticated vibe. Tucked away from the bustle of Ponsonby, with outdoor rugs paired with hanging lanterns, it really did feel like I was dining in a Gypsy’s Caravan, however maybe a bit fancier. This dreamy spot will make you feel like you aren’t in Auckland anymore, Toto.

Favourite: Frozé

Bowl and Arrow: 228 Orakei Road

Cupid has shot me in the heart, and I am now in love… with Bowl and Arrow smoothie bowls, that are really just deliciously disguised desserts. This catering company turned full-time establishment in the newly developed Orakei Bay Village–gives us a reason to eat sweet in the morning yet not feel the guilt. Did I mention that they are affordable? I can’t get enough!

Favourite: Soul Mate

K’Road Food Workshop: 309 Karangahape Road

Ever wanted one place for drinks, sandwiches, cookies and a lil popcorn? Well, look no further than K’Road Food Workshop, an intimate and urbane food-court that doesn’t feel like a food-court. ‘El Sizzling Lomito’–the best Argentinian sandwiches, ‘Moustache’ cookies–a classic, and ‘Popped’ popcorn–proving very POPular, occupy the front part of the space. The highlight tucked away in the back, is Love Bucket bar where they serve Gin and Tonics on tap, with a suave vibe that no matter who you are or your age, you will fit in.

Favourite: Churro popcorn and Gin and Tonic on tap (flavours change often)


Photography by Hannah-Rose Hollins.

Featured image by Olly.

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Hannah-Rose is a 20-year-old student who's a fresh graduate and is flatting in the city. She is a wine enthusiast, food lover, self-proclaimed DJ, coffee snob and dumpling connoisseur. Instagram: @hannahrosehollins

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