Paris Hilton Sodastream

Make Like Paris Hilton with Sodastream + Giveaway

SodaStream’s latest viral April Fools’ video took a creative approach to advocate the use of tap water and SodaStream, avoiding the devastating global plastic bottle pollution that contaminates our planet. The video featured the iconic Paris Hilton, launching her latest invention “NanoDrop” – highly condensed sparkling water that is 5000 times more hydrating than regular water. Needless to say, NanoDrop wasn’t a realistic solution to achieve healthy hydration and reduce plastic bottle waste, but fortunately – SodaStream is!

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A SodaStream enthusiast herself, Hilton stated, “I loved working on this SodaStream campaign, as it delivers a really important message in a funny way that empowers everyone to make better choices and promotes a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. In today’s world, carrying home plastic water bottles is unnecessary when we have a great alternative in SodaStream”.

Mark Stephenson from SodaStream New Zealand says: “Plastic bottle pollution is an extremely serious issue and no joke, but we wanted to use this campaign to attract people’s attention in a fun and engaging way. We hope it will help people to reconsider their use of single use plastic!”
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We have a premium SodaStream Power to give away, worth $299.99. Sleek and beautiful on your kitchen countertop, this machine enables you to make fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button. To enter just sign up below to be in the draw and tell us in the comments below if you prefer a ‘sparking’ or ‘still’ water and why. The winner will be notified via email on 28th April 2017.

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Tell us in the comments below if you prefer a ‘sparking’ or ‘still’ water and why

Special thanks to SodaStream for making the giveaway.


  • Shivani Rose

    Sparkling! A bit more fun than still water but without the added sugar of soft drinks 🙂

  • Sarah Pearce

    Still since I don’t need to buy it and add more plastic to the landfill. But love sparkling with a splash of fruit juice instead of fizzy 🙂

  • Alissa Reid

    Sparkling.More fun and delicious will lemon juice for health, or with elderberry cordial and ice as a substitute for alcohol on a hot day

  • Nikki C

    Sparking – it just seems so much more fancy

  • Angela Beaumont

    I love sparkling water! It’s like soft drink but good for you 🙂

  • Debbie Snell

    I love sparkling tastes lovely and bubbly and reminds me of being a kid trying fizzy for the first time and happy memories plus most fizzy bubble drinks are bad for you so to fizz a more healthy drink would be amazing

  • lin lee

    sparkling water, a great drink for friends and family

  • Jenny Smith

    Sparkling ! Makes me feel fancy !

  • Andrea Webb

    Sparkling I always love a bubble