Five Tights to Keep You Warm This Winter

1. Scholl Light Legs, 60 Denier – RRP $29.99

How many tights do you go through a year? Scholl promises comfort and money’s worth with the new Light Legs Compression Tights. It might save you money and hassle with 20 denier being ladder resistant, and the 60 denier durable for up to 100 washes. It also comes in black and natural, sizes small, medium and large. You can get it from leading supermarkets and pharmacies.


2. Ambra Organic Cotton Cable Tight, 100 Denier – $28.99 at Farmers

If you’re needing a 100 denier pair of tights, try the Ambra Organic Cotton Cable Tight. It’s soft and does its job. 

3. H&M Control-Top Tights, 100 denier – $14.99

Need an affordable pair of tights? I always rely on H&M Control Tights pack. Would recommend if you’re needing a pair on the go.


4. Glassons Opaque Tights, 100 Denier – $14.99

Another option for the H&M tights is equally good and money’s worth Glassons Opaque Tights. Like H&M’s, it’s good if you don’t need to wear tights regularly.


5. Clio Italian Opaque Tights, 200 Denier – $15 The Warehouse

And if you’re looking for a 200 denier, I would recommend the Clio Italian Opaque Tights.