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Great Presents to Give Your Mum This Mother’s Day (Budget-friendly) + Giveaways

Mother’s Day is on 14th of May and we’re here to help you shop for the best present for you mum. Here’s our gift list that would suit every budget and every super mum out there.

Under $50

1. Our top picks from the Typo Mother’s Day range:

  • Hand Cream (Blackrose and Vanilla) $11.99 – online (140394-00)
  • Bath Fizzer (circle shimmer) $5.99 – online (140392-01)
  • Mother’s Day Card 2017 (One of my favourite) $5.99 – online (140668-21)
  • Ceramic Jar Candle (Gold) $19.99 – online (140389-02)
  • Oversized Eye Mask  (Champagne and Chill) $11.99 – online (140429-01)
  • Take A Sip Mug  (No Drama Mama) $11.99 – online (140669-01)
  •  Poppy Cosmetic Case (Gold) $19.99 – online (140226-00)
  • Scented Diffuser  (Island Coconut) $17.99 – online (140391-01)

Want to win this prize pack? Click here for our Typo x XYNZ Magazine giveaway!

2.Kmart Plain Fleece Gown NZD $22 – Instore only

3. The Warehouse Maison d’Or Sorrento Cushion $12 each – online


4. Lush ‘For Mum’ Gift Set $23.50  – instore

Includes three products: Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, Dream Cream – Self Preserving, and Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

Under $100

1.Witchery Oversized Sketch Spot Scarf NZD $54.90 – Buy Online


2. Peter Alexander ‘Wonder Mum’ LS Top $69.99 – Buy Online



3. Karen Murell Lip Palette (new) $65 – Available at your nearest pharmacy.

More info about the product and stockists go to

Want to win this lip palette pack? Click here for our Karen Murrell  and Silk&Steel x XYNZ Magazine giveaway!

4. Lush ‘Mum’ Gift Set $72.90  – instore

Includes six products: Ups-a-Daisy Bath Bomb, Love and Light Hand Cream, Salted Coconut Hand Scrub, Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, Scrubee Body Butter and Bohemian Soap

5. Silk&Steel Bracelet $35 – online

Want to win this bracelet? Click here for our Karen Murrell and Silk&Steel x XYNZ Magazine giveaway!


Mother’s Day Competitions:

  1. Typo Gift Pack worth over $100 – Click here to enter
  2. Karen Murrell and Silk&Steel Gift Pack worth $100 – Click here to enter


What is the best advice your mum has given you?

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Written by Alliv Samson

Founder and Publisher of XYNZ Magazine. Alliv is also the co-founder and COO of Kami ( @allivsamson


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