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3 Reasons Why Young Kiwis Should Consider Health Insurance

Are you prepared for the future?

Planning and looking after your health is important. But planning for the future does not only include going to the gym or eating healthy and there are other things that you need to consider. That is why we think you should start thinking about getting health insurance.

You might think that we’re crazy for even mentioning ‘health insurance’ especially as we are privileged to have an envious health care system in this country. But there are other important factors that you should think of. You may think a certain way about getting a health insurance policy right now, but hear us out first. Here are just some reasons why you should consider getting health insurance:

So here are our three  reasons to help you in deciding:

1. Avoid the waitlist

Our country has an extensive system of public hospitals that are free of charge. However, current waiting times in the public healthcare system could mean a delay in getting a condition treated. Because of this, health insurance is something to consider if you want to avoid public healthcare waiting lists.

2. Surgeries and treatments for us 20 or 30-somethings

Health insurance provides cover for the cost of private surgical and medical care. This reduces the likelihood of needing to use your savings or take out a loan to cover the expense of treatments or operations.

3. Get covered

There are some treatments that public health care does not cover, which the right health policy can. This includes visiting your dentist or GP, getting prescription glasses, specialist consultations, diagnostics, major dental treatment and more.

These are just three reasons why we think you should start thinking about getting health insurance. It is wise to start asking questions and doing more research about health insurance and what policy suits you. The more informed you are, the easier it is to make a decision.

Ready to learn more about health insurance? We understand that getting health insurance can be a scary process to go through but it it is also important to get it right. That is why we think you should start looking at nib as they have the right health insurance to fit whatever stage of life you’re at. To get started, visit for more information.

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Written by Alliv Samson

Founder and Publisher of XYNZ Magazine. Alliv is also the co-founder and COO of Kami ( @allivsamson


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