Jamie McDell is the New NZ BONDS Ambassador

Find out what supergal Jamie McDell is currently working on.

We caught up with one of our favourite gals, Jamie McDell, about her latest projects. The award-winning singer/songwriter/conservationist Jamie McDell is also the NZ Bonds ambassador.

Aside from being busy making beautiful music, Jamie has also helped raise awareness of many causes. She even once built a raft made of upcycled materials and paddled along South Island’s Abel Tasman coastline for three days. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any cooler.


What projects are you currently working?

Most recently my sister and I have released our first track from a body of work we’ve been working on under the name Dunes. It’s a real collaboration of both our writing styles and musical tastes. I’ve also finished writing my third solo album and planning to record it in Nashville in September. Outside of music, I’m basically making sure I get out surfing when I can and looking at some cool ways to reduce single-use plastic pollution.


Tell us more about the new BONDS Mash Up range.

MASH UP showcases the new Bonds Hipster range of underwear and soft crops. Speaking to young Kiwi women, the collection champions individuality, self-confidence, and originality through celebrating the freedom to mash, mix and clash different patterns together so that I can put together unique looks every time

What are your favourite matches?

I love mixing simple with colourful so either plane on the top and vibrant on the bottom or the other way round.


Who are your favourite local Instagrammers?

Some ladies I really enjoy following on Instagram for their confidence and perspective are @anna_willcox, @makaiacarr, and @ellaoliviawilliams


To celebrate the launch, BONDS teamed up with Snapchat and created a series of bespoke filters with each lens featuring a unique pattern from the collection. These filters will be available nationwide on the 27th July, exclusively on the social platform. Filters include floral and tropical designs that users can overlay onto their faces, allowing users to interact with the collection in their own individual way.

The Bonds Hipster MASH UP range is available from 24th July in select Farmers stores nationwide. The collection gives young Kiwi girls the freedom to mix and mash different patterns and textures together, to create their own look.

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Written by Alliv Samson

Founder and Publisher of XYNZ Magazine. Alliv is also the co-founder and COO of Kami ( @allivsamson


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